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Twitter Name: Setlogik (Setlogik)

Twitter Bio: The premier SaaS provider for Precision Targeted Marketing enabling B2B marketers to find and reach the right prospects and customers with the right offers everytime.

Twitter Name: Mari Anne Vanella (VanellaGroup)

Twitter Bio: Telesales 2.0(TM) lead generation outbound campaigns for enterprise technology providers with results 5x above industry standards

Twitter Name: Glance Networks (GlanceNetworks)

Twitter Bio:Glance is a sales 2.0 tool that enables instantaneous demo's required in todays social selling environment.

Twitter Name: Sassa Leahy Bright (SassaLeahy)

Twitter Bio: Marketer, Event Planner, and Dachshund Aficionado

Twitter Name: Ariel Cohen (arielcohen)

Twitter Bio: Father, husband, skipper, tech, gadget and innovations freak. FanBoy, way too early tech adopter, advocate of Giving & a SuperHero @LivePersonDev Community

Twitter Name: Sales 2.0 Conference (Sales20Conf)

Twitter Bio: Sales 2.0: Where sales & technology meet to create faster sales

Twitter Name: SAVO (SAVO_Group)

Twitter Bio: SAVO is the leader in sales enablement solutions.

Twitter Name: Amy Jane Milinazzo (janiemlnazo)

Twitter Bio: [slightly] hi-strung, hi-tech marketeer @qvidian; happy [but higher-strung] mama to sjb & huge [HUGE] patriots fan. never too far from my laptop or lip gloss.

Twitter Name: Alinean Inc (AlineanROI)

Twitter Bio: Alinean, powering B2B Value Selling and Marketing with interactive white papers, diagnostic assessments, ROI / TCO calculators.

Twitter Name: Loopfuse (loopfuse)

Twitter Bio: Loopfuse is the first and only provider of forever-free B2B sales and marketing automation which helps SMBs drive revenue.

Twitter Name: Michael Kruzewicz (WhitePaperPro)

Twitter Bio: Unternehmensberater und Coach für KMU, Experte für Marketing und Kommunikation (MarCom), Spezialist für Content-Marketing mit White Paper, Fallstudie und Co.

Twitter Name: Koen De Witte (kdewitte27)

Twitter Bio: exCMO, B2B Lead gen, (hobby)Cook, (pro)Eater, Wine affectionado, Motor Bike, Skier, Traveller, Copy/Paster, History, Work in EU@US, exDJ, Loud music, Speed

Twitter Name: mardevdm2 (mardevdm2)

Twitter Bio: Follow us for tweets about global B2B marketing including insights | whitepapers | industry reports | exclusive discounts on events | daily news

Twitter Name: Zoe Maolmhaadhog (taylorzoe)

Twitter Bio: B2B marketer and bacon sandwich lover

Twitter Name: Stephanie Haring (stephicontact)

Twitter Bio: 

Twitter Name: EllenValentine (EllenValentine)

Twitter Bio: Technology marketing veteran & crafty creative with a geeky-technical slant. Love GTD, Evernote, MindManager & B2B! Evangelist for @Silverpop.Views are my own.

Twitter Name: Silverpop (Silverpop)

Twitter Bio: Global provider of email marketing and marketing automation solutions.

Twitter Name: Dun&Bradstreet (DnBUS)

Twitter Bio: D&B is the world's leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling companies to Decide with Confidence® for 170 years.

Twitter Name: Scott Thackston (PromotionsMan)

Twitter Bio:Refresh #business w/ 9-key industry categories of Promotional #Advertising success. The Idea Site offers economical #Marketing Solutions for all budgets.

Twitter Name: Howard J Sewell (HJSewell)

Twitter Bio: 20+ years in direct marketing, demand generation and lead management for B2B companies.

Twitter Name: (toprank)

Twitter Bio: News & tips from TopRank specialists in online marketing & customer acquisition through SEO, Social Media, Content & Email Marketing.

Twitter Name: Richard Coen (richardcoen)

Twitter Bio: Business and digital strategist, an entrepreneur, innovative and creative at all times.


Twitter Bio: We publish ebooks, audiobooks and love spoken word

Twitter Name: Mari Anne Vanella (VanellaGroup)

Twitter Bio: Telesales 2.0(TM) lead generation outbound campaigns for enterprise technology providers with results 5x above industry standards

Twitter Name: Carol Kollm (ckollm)

Twitter Bio: Wife & mom, entrepreneur. Connecting on new product dev, search, technology, UX, & random stuff. Say hello!

Twitter Name: Alexandra Hertel (xahndra)

Twitter Bio: Marketing Strategy Consultant | Integrated Marketing Solutions | Frost & Sullivan | I work with our clients to help them reach their strategic growth objectives

Twitter Name: Andrew Moravick (Amoravick)

Twitter Bio: Marketing Coordinator @Eloqua, freelance writer for @Pumarunning, jack of (almost) all trades- master of a few, & habitual user of ellipses to suggest more…

Twitter Name: Alfonso Jativa Gomez (UGARTAMENDIA)

Twitter Bio: jubilado 81 años escritor 43 libros publicados, empresario, piloto, marino, ingeniero, lector consumado,

Twitter Name: Tony Quintong Jr (TonySecurieon)

Twitter Bio: Founder and CEO of Securieon Inc, a specialty management consulting firm focused on 'turning around' revenue challenged companies.

Twitter Name: Linton Jeffrey (jeffreylinton)

Twitter Bio: PMM @ActOnSoftware B2B Marketing Automation for fortune 5,000,000 – Husband.Father.Ceramist.MTN Biker.

Twitter Name:dcardiel22 (dcardiel22)

Twitter Bio: Product Marketer @ National Instruments, Austin,TX Love Demand Gen/lead nurturing/social media & taking products 2 market. Husband/DAD/runner/soccer/sax/boxer.

Twitter Name:Christina Ellwood (Christina Ellwood)

Twitter Bio: Personal quote: “There is joy for all involved in transforming what is merely a good idea into a powerful reality”. Passions: tech marketing & entrepreneurship

Twitter Name: Joe Chernov (jchernov)

Twitter Bio: VP of Content Marketing for Eloqua. Former chair of WOMMA member ethics panel. Words are my own, for better or worse. More here:

Twitter Name: Lisa M. Sherwin Wulf (lmsherwin)

Twitter Bio: Director, Marketing at Deltek as part of the Information Solutions group. Also love to travel, read and ski and are trying my hand at beginning glassblowing.

Twitter Name: Zephyr 47 (Zephyr47)

Twitter Bio: B2B demand generation, marketing automation services & training,content marketing & publishing. @ManticoreTech partner. Services for existing Eloqua customers.

Twitter Name: Manticore Technology (ManticoreTech)

Twitter Bio: Provider of Marketing Automation Solutions with the Ideal Combination of Power and Usability

Twitter Name: Theresa Klinger (Theresa_ActOn)

Twitter Bio: California native! Love being a part of the rocket growth of Act-On Software. The service and the team of people who work here are truly the best!

Twitter Name: Joe Payne (paynejoe)

Twitter Bio: I am the CEO of Eloqua where I have led the organization for 5 years. I am passionate about RPM, marketing, the Redskins & Duke

Twitter Name: Dennis Hall (salesgrok)

Twitter Bio: Husband. Father. Sales guru. Tennis fanatic. Blogger @

Twitter Name: Brain Kardon (bkardon)

Twitter Bio: Eloqua Chief Marketing Officer. Sharing ideas about marketing, demand generation, social media and the tenor saxophone.

Twitter Name:Cloud2You (Cloud2You)

Twitter Bio: Reach new leads, retain customer loyalty, drive revenue with: Cloud2You 4 Eloqua, Cloud2You 4 Salesforce & iPhone. Real Mail...Easy as Email.

Twitter Name:Savvy B2B Marketing (Savvy_B2B)

Twitter Bio: Savvy marketers sharing insights, tips, resources, and war stories.

Twitter Name: Wendy Thomas (WendyENThomas)

Twitter Bio: Journalist, Columnist, features, life experiment stories, parenting, chickens, author of Simple Thrift blog - lessons learned from the flock

Twitter Name: Michele Linn (michelelinn)

Twitter Bio: B2B content marketing consultant; Executive Editor of Content Marketing Institute; blogger and one of the founding members of

Twitter Name: Jamie Wallace (suddenlyjamie)

Twitter Bio: Branding & content mktg to help clients discover their voice, audience & marketing groove. Also: mom, writer, prolific blogger, and student of voice & trapeze.

Twitter Name: Ambal Balakrishnan (Ambal)

Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur | ClickDocuments | Marketer | Author | Blogger | Wharton, Purdue Alum | Mom of 2 boys | Mountain Climber | Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011

Twitter Name: Bob Michael Perez (bobmichaelperez)

Twitter Bio: B2B Marketing Director:I tweet about things like marketing automation,lead generation, analytics, SEO,sales & marketing integration, and technology utilization.

Twitter Name:Demandbase (Demandbase)

Twitter Bio: B2B new customer acquisition solutions that help identify, reach, and convert more customers!

Twitter Name:Jenconway (Jenconway)

Twitter Bio: PR diva, social media addict, foodie, photographer and aspiring seamstress

Twitter Name: Email Marketing (B2BEmail)

Twitter Bio: Demystifying email marketing & marketing automation. Get the resources to stay competitive - follow us for the latest B2B e-news! Managed by @ActOnSoftware

Twitter Name: Knowledge Vision Sys (knowledgevision)

Twitter Bio: Web Video, Slides, and Related Content -- in perfect sync: the world's most powerful and flexible online presentation software tools.

Twitter Name: Predictive Marketing (predictivemktng)

Twitter Bio: Bob Hodgson, President. Optimize ROI with predictive marketing - the fusion of predictive analytics, CRM, and social network analysis. Event Marketing expert.

Twitter Name: Ozone Online (ozoneonlin)

Twitter Bio: Ozone Online, a San Francisco-based interactive ad agency, delivers high performance websites & online marketing program for their clients.

Twitter Name: Fullsource Web Prod (FullsourceW)

Twitter Bio: # White Label Production Services # Specialized in All-In-One WebIMPs # Web Integrated Marketing Platforms # Content + Social + Commerce + Mobile

Twitter Name:MktgAutoInst (MktgAutoInst)

Twitter Bio: The Marketing Automation Institute (MAI) is the community for marketing automation end-users that provides the highest level of curriculum, training & education

Twitter Name: Blue Bird Strategies (bbstrategies)

Twitter Bio: We develop high quality marketing and sales leads through a unique approach that includes demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing automation.

Twitter Name: Mani Iyer (iyerman)

Twitter Bio: CEO Kwanzoo Expand Lead Funnel Grow WoM & Sales w/ Engaging Polls, Surveys, Social Promos & Opt-in Forms-Email Website Social Display Re-targeting & Mobile

Twitter Name: M. H. (Mac) McIntosh (B2B_Sales_Lead)

Twitter Bio: I’m a B2B lead generation & marketing automation consultant who will help you generate more leads & close more sales using proven tactics, technology and media.

Twitter Name: Ken Lague (kenlagu)

Twitter Bio: Marketing automation • Eloqua • • Boulder Logic • helping my clients make the most of their technology and stay competitive. Having a ball!

Twitter Name: Brian P Hession (brianhession)

Twitter Bio: President and Founder at Oceanos, a leader in list intelligence & demand creation, dad of three boys, Red Sox/Patriots,

Twitter Name: Wood Street Web, Inc. (woodstreetwe)

Twitter Bio: Wood Street designs and develops web sites, mobile sites and apps, interactive media, SEO solutions. HUBZone Certified

Twitter Name:Qvidian (Qvidian)

Twitter Bio: Cloud-computing applications that improve sales effectiveness. We improve win-rates and productivity for some of the world’s largest and most successful corps.

Twitter Name: Kwanzoo (kwanzoo)

Twitter Bio: Expand the Lead Funnel, Grow WoM & Sales with Engaging Polls, Surveys, Social Promotions, Opt-in Forms For Email/Website/Social/Display & Re-Targeting campaigns

Twitter Name: Shawn Cook (RPMSalesCoach)

Twitter Bio: Sales Coach Extradonaire interested in all things #Sales #RevenuePerformanceMangement & #MarketingAutomation - Director of North American #SMB #Sales @Eloqua

Twitter Name: Marcel Sendejo (MarcelSendejo)

Twitter Bio: Chief Revenue Engineer that believes Steven Covey, if you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow.

Twitter Name:AcquireB2B (AcquireB2B)

Twitter Bio: We help you drive more B2B leads and sales with marketing automation

Twitter Name: Faas Broesma (FaasOnMarketin)

Twitter Bio: Marketing Fanatic, Creative Enthusiast

Twitter Name: Jeff Walcoff (jeffmwalcof)

Twitter Bio: Content Development Director with Demand Creation Specialists, DemandGen Report and Retail TouchPoints; Cleveland & Ohio State sports fan; Craft beer enthusiast

Twitter Name: Joe Zuccaro (allini)

Twitter Bio: Allinio is a Marketing Automation services firm helping organizations align Marketing & Sales, automate lead mgmt processes, and grow revenue. 

Twitter Name:AnnuitasGroup (AnnuitasGroup)

Twitter Bio: The leader in lead management process development & implementation

Twitter Name: Channel Marketer (ChannelMkt)

Twitter Bio: Targeted e-media publication designed to spotlight the newest trends, solutions & strategies for BtoB and BtoC companies that follow a channel sales model.

Twitter Name:Content4Demand (Content4Demand)

Twitter Bio: We specialize in e-media & custom content solutions. We connect buyers & sellers through custom content such as e-books, white papers, webinars, and more!

Twitter Name: Demand Creation Specialists (DC_Specialist)

Twitter Bio: We specialize in e-media & custom content solutions. We connect buyers & sellers through custom content such as e-books, white papers, webinars, etc.Contact us!

Twitter Name: Decision Tree Lab (DecisionTreeLa)

Twitter Bio: A new and innovative division of G3 Communications - coming soon so follow us and stay tuned!

Twitter Name: Sean (GreatTwitTip)

Twitter Bio: A great feed of Twitter Tips

Twitter Name: MarketAnalysisReport (onlinetrends)

Twitter Bio:

Twitter Name: Online Entrepreneur (007Entrepreneu)

Twitter Bio: My mother's menu consisted of two choices: ☺Take it or leave it.☺ Successful Parent✔,Entrepreneur with ideas and not afraid to use them✔!

Twitter Name: Henry Bruce (hebruce)

Twitter Bio: Passionate B2B Sales & Marketing strategist focused on software industry, golf, fishing, skiing, kayaking, Boston sports and all things Trinity College

Twitter Name: Jeremy Victor (jeremyvictor)

Twitter Bio: living at the convergence of media, marketing, publishing, and social technologies - check out my online magazine:

Twitter Name: Lori Richardson (scoremoresale)

Twitter Bio: b2b sales strategist. sales expert & blogger for inside sales teams /mentor on sales enablement. fueled by coffee, health. Helps w/ mighty causes

Twitter Name: Meagan Rockett (rockett)

Twitter Bio: Director, Project Operations @ - business development/ market research for the meetings industry & professional associations

Twitter Name: Greenfield Services (GreenfieldSrvc)

Twitter Bio: We are a B2B Marketing/Lead Generation company. We work with associations and hotel/venue/tourism partners. We qualify leads and follow-up with members.

Twitter Name: Laura Collins (LCCollins)

Twitter Bio: PR Manager, Infusionsoft - the leader in marketing automation software for entrepreneurs

Twitter Name: Carlos Hidalgo (cahidalg)

Twitter Bio: CEO of The Annuitas Group - Exc. Dir. of Marketing Automation Inst. Lead Management Process - Marketing Automation - B2B Marketing

Twitter Name: Jess Groopman (JessGroopman)

Twitter Bio: Researcher @Altimetergroup | Aspiring Consumer Anthropologist | Drummer. Talking all things people- research, technology, culture, evolution.

Twitter Name: Infusionsoft (Infusionsoft)

Twitter Bio: Infusionsoft is an all-in-one marketing automation software used by thousands of small businesses to generate leads and grow sales. We ♥ Small Businesses!

Twitter Name: NetProspex (NetProspex)

Twitter Bio: The fastest-growing and most accurate resource for B2B prospect information.

Twitter Name: Greg Rublev (grublev)

Twitter Bio: Greg Rublev, Product Developer at NetProspex, all things web products, development, and data

Twitter Name: Bruce McCarthy (d8a_driven)

Twitter Bio: Bruce McCarthy, VP of Product at NetProspex at the confluence of data and technology, designing products to make change

Twitter Name: Gary Halliwell (CEONetProspex)

Twitter Bio: Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex, interested in building platforms that enhance social connections in business

Twitter Name: Katie Martell (KatieMartell)

Twitter Bio: Director of Buzz at NetProspex, all things social media marketing, buzz and brand building

Twitter Name: Steven Wagner (swagner2)

Twitter Bio: I am the CEO and Founder of Dealer Ignition and Dealy. I am from Chicago, went to Ball State University, lived in Charlotte, Seattle and now Greenville, SC.

Twitter Name: Dave Lee (saasman)

Twitter Bio: Founder of BizLink, entrepreneur, marketer, professional speaker, sales junkie, adventurer, family man

Twitter Name: Lisa Arthur (lisaarthur)

Twitter Bio: Love being Aprimo's CMO. Passionate @ wildlife photography, conservation, cooking, writing, chess, StarTrek, reducing carbon footprint & long walks with my man!

Twitter Name: Aprimo (aprimo)

Twitter Bio: Aprimo is a global leader in helping B2B and B2C marketers navigate the rapidly changing marketing landscape.

Twitter Name: Marketo (marketo)

Twitter Bio: Sophisticated yet easy marketing automation software that helps B2B marketing and sales drive revenue and improve accountability

Twitter Name: Eric Blumthal (ericblumthal)

Twitter Bio: B2B Sales Leader | founder count5 & | I help Sales VP’s drive change with software that’s 900% more effective than Email & Sales Portals

Twitter Name: EcSELL Insitiute (ecsellinstitute)

Twitter Bio: Thought leader in sales coaching.Focused exclusively on the development of Executive Sales Managers. We Tweet on research,technology,best practices in sales mgt

Twitter Name: Justin Breitfelder (jbreitfelder)

Twitter Bio: Business content strategist for financial & technology firms. B2B interactive marketing. Global affairs. Pragmatic wineaux. Links & RTs are not endorsements.

Twitter Name: Christopher Ryan (cryanfusionmkt)

Twitter Bio: B2B Marketing Strategist- CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners - Author of the book How to Create an Unstoppable Marketing and Sales Machine #b2b #marketing #sales

Twitter Name: Paige ONeill (paige_oneill)

Twitter Bio: 20 year B2B/High tech marketer. College hoops addict and Kentucky alum. Infrequent blogger. Loving job as VP Corp. Mktg. @Aprimo.

Twitter Name: Reachforce (reachforce)

Twitter Bio: ReachForce offers B2B marketers solutions to cleanse, enrich, and grow their contact databases.

Twitter Name: Tripp Braden (trippbraden)

Twitter Bio: I focus on coaching entrepreneurs and non- profit leaders on developing leadership capabilities, market development strategies, and 7 figure partnerships.

Twitter Name: Steve Gershik (sgersh)

Twitter Bio: Chief Marketing Officer, blogger, podcaster, social media dilettante.

Twitter Name: j_ceri (j_ceri)

Twitter Bio: Experienced B-to-B EMEA Marketing professional with 20 years in high-tech and focus on marketing operations.

Twitter Name: Aprimo UK & Ireland (aprimo_uk)

Twitter Bio: Aprimo Marketing Studio is a software solution that contains all of the tools needed to make interactive marketing easier and more effective

Twitter Name: Marloes Sneek (marloessneek)

Twitter Bio: B2B (online) Marketeer. Motto: Geluk is het enige dat vermenigvuldigt als je het deelt.

Twitter Name: Vicki ONeill (vickioneill)

Twitter Bio: Social media enthusiast, creative strategist, marketing problem solver. Passionate about my children and instilling the Love Life mentality!

Twitter Name: Lydia Vogtner (lydiamarketing)

Twitter Bio: The practical side of marketing - best practices and helpful hints for marketing effectiveness. Visit Lydia's Marketing Blog at…

Twitter Name: Daniel Kuperman (danielkuperman)

Twitter Bio: B2B Software Marketer, currently Co-Founder and CEO of Aprix Solutions.

Twitter Name: Pardot (pardot)

Twitter Bio: Pardot provides No Hassle Marketing Automation

Twitter Name: Adam Blitzer (adamblitzer)

Twitter Bio: COO and co-founder of Pardot, a B2B marketing automation vendor.

Twitter Name: Hank Stroll (internetVIZ)

Twitter Bio: Publisher of custom B2B content for eNewsletters, social media and eCampaigns for B2B clients.

Twitter Name: Chris Helden (chris_helden)

Twitter Bio: i like sunset walks on the beach

Twitter Name: Cathryn (smallc)

Twitter Bio: Experienced marketing professional, marketing automation enthusiast, peanut butter and gum addict (not together), and I really do love lamps!

Twitter Name: Fision (fisionsystem)

Twitter Bio: A Revolution in Brand Control & Marketing Automation

Twitter Name: Brian Hession (brianhession)

Twitter Bio: Oceanos President and Founder. Sharing list intelligence to optimize demand generation and database building programs

Twitter Name: John Trader (johntrader_1)

Twitter Bio: PR Guy, intuitive with a penchant for the extraordinary. Lacrosse coach & referee, ice hockey fanatic, voracious reader and news junkie. Also tweet @m2sys

Twitter Name: Jon Miller (jonmiller2)

Twitter Bio: VP Marketing & co-founder at Marketo, a leader in Revenue Performance Management. Sharing ideas about B2B marketing, marketing automation, & demand generation.

Twitter Name: Escalate Retail (escalateretail)

Twitter Bio: A leading provider of e-commerce solutions to the retail industry.

Twitter Name: Ardath Albee (ardath421)

Twitter Bio: B2B Marketer, Strategist, Writer, Storyteller and Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

Twitter Name: davidabrock (davidabrock)

Twitter Bio: Passionate about helping sales and business professionals achieve extraordinary goal

Twitter Name: Brian Hansford (remarkmarketing)

Twitter Bio: President & CMO of @Zephyr47 HQ'd in Seattle. Passionate B2B marketer focused on marketing automation & content marketing. Speaker. CU Buff. Baseball coach

Twitter Name: Thomas Pisello (tpisello)

Twitter Bio: Alinean Founder, B2B Content Marketing and Sales Enablement Entrepreneur, The ROI Guy, ex Gartner, ROI / TCO / Assessment Tool Expert, Fight Frugalnomics Hero

Twitter Name: Carrie (scurprenant)

Twitter Bio: n/a

Twitter Name: Wendy Tarr (wendytarr)

Twitter Bio: Aussie backpacker.. stuck in London. Digital marketing, social media, all things 'e' consulting at Infosys. Hack golfer, music lover, avid reader.

Twitter Name: PointClear PD (pointclearpd)

Twitter Bio: PointClear is the leading prospect development company; helping B2B companies fill their forecasts, not just their pipelines.

Twitter Names: Kendra Lee (kendraleekla)

Twitter Bio: Trusted IT Sales Advisor; Passionate prospect attraction expert; Top seller; Speaker; Author & President; Not to mention happy wife, mom, baker, die-hard skier

Twitter Names: Brian Kardon (bkardon)

Twitter Bio: Eloqua Chief Marketing Officer. Sharing ideas about marketing, demand generation, social media and the tenor saxophone.

Twitter Name: Ricky Turrell (aievents)

Twitter Bio: Photographer specializing in events like School Proms,charity dinner dances. ladies festivals and all events and functions all over the UK

Twitter Name: Chris Casel (ccasel)

Twitter Bio: A trusted B2B Sales and Demand Generation professional by day, foodie and cork dork at night. #B2B | #LeadGeneration

Twitter Name: Liz Campbell (lizzygo)

Twitter Bio: tech pr pro, follows trends in marketing, social media, online travel and IT security, alt music fan, parent/multitasker/coffee drinker

Twitter Name: Jeff Erramouspe (jefferramouspe)

Twitter Bio: President, Manticore Technology; B2B Marketing Entrepreneur

Twitter Name: Amanda Claire (amanda_leadjen)

Twitter Bio: @Amanda_LeadJen is affiliated with @LeadJen_LLC and is a way to keep updated on what is happening at LeadJen

Twitter Name: Kim Siedsma (kim_siedsma)

Twitter Bio: Regional Sales Manager for Silverpop

Twitter Name: Tina Neuenschwander (tneuenschwander)

Twitter Bio: Sales professional, email marketing, demand generation, speaker, technology, runner(?!

Twitter Name: Chad Horenfeldt (chadhorenfeldt)

Twitter Bio: Helping marketers get the most out of their marketing automation investment @Eloqua. Customer advocate. New father. Leafs fan

Twitter Name: LeadJen_LLC (leadjen_llc)

Twitter Bio: Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Database Research

Twitter Name: Annuitas Group (annuitasgroup)

Twitter Bio: The leader in lead management process development & implementation

Twitter Name: Sage SalesLogix (sagesaleslogix)

Twitter Bio: Customizable CRM for sales, marketing, customer service and support functions. Web, Windows and Mobile.

Twitter Name: Melissa Barratt (burtmel)

Twitter Bio: n/a

Twitter Name: Gleanster (gleanster)

Twitter Bio: Gleanster benchmarks best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives allowing companies to make smart business decisions.

Twitter Name: Nolin LeChasseur (nolin)

Twitter Bio: Partner @ BrainRider Knowledge Marketing Group, founder of, Realtor, Dad

Twitter Name: Lisa Cole (lcole03)

Twitter Bio: n/a

Twitter Name: Tech Management (techmgmtdaily)

Twitter Bio: n/a

Twitter Name: Joy Milkowski (joym)

Twitter Bio: Passionate about B2B marketing: high-impact content, online marketing, social media, customer references, sales enablement & more. Reach out and talk with me.

Twitter Name: Joel Reuter (joelreuter)

Twitter Bio: I'm director of global communications at Aprimo and have over 20 years worth of experience in marketing, communications and public relation

Twitter Name: Simon Daniels (mktginsightguy)

Twitter Bio: Solutions, community and resources for database marketing, analytics and intelligence

Twitter Name: SeminarStreams (seminarstreams)

Twitter Bio: We make it easy for anyone to upload and watch a seminar or corporate event, when it suits their schedule by offering FREE on demand streaming facilities

Twitter Name: Susan Solovic (susansolovic)

Twitter Bio: CEO and co-founder of, small business expert, media personality, author and attorney

Twitter Name: Matt Hunckler (hunckler)

Twitter Bio: I love music, marketing, pushing the limits, and meeting new people. I'm the Director of Marketing @SlingshotSEO and Chief Evangelist @Repurify.

Twitter Name: Jon Russo (b2bcmo)

Twitter Bio: Connecting B2B Marketing to New Revenue * UConn fan * Proud Dad of twin girls * LinkedIn Junkie *

Twitter Name: Kurt Weisenberger (kurtmw)

Twitter Bio: B2B Demand generation professional who enjoys live music, marketing automation, playing guitar, travel, running & philosophical discussions. And Twitter. :)

Twitter Name: Netprospex B2B (netprospex)

Twitter Bio: NetProspex is a community generated B2B contact information solution. The difference? It's verified. Reach out! hello @

Twitter Name: Karla Blalock (kblalock)

Twitter Bio: B2B Marketer, Lead Nurture Proponent, Believer of connections and conversations with prospects, Strategist, Social Media Student, Operations Chief at PointClear

Twitter Name: SaS Software (sassoftware)

Twitter Bio: Twitter stream managed by SAS External Comms at our Cary, NC HQ. We are @mnemecek, @bevbrown and @kirsten.

Twitter Name: Are Solberg (aresolbe)

Twitter Bio: Customer Intelligence Product Manager and Senior Consultant at SAS Institute Norway. My tweets are my opinions

Twitter Name: Carlos Hidalgo (cahidalgo)

Twitter Bio: CEO of The Annuitas Group - Lead Management Process - Marketing Automation - B2B Marketing

Twitter Name: B2B Buzz (b2bbuzz)

Twitter Bio: A social community of B2B business information experts.

Twitter Name: Ron Hudson (ron_hudson)

Twitter Bio: Author, award winning blogger, Strategic Influence Marketing & Social Influence. Living on Tulsa time w/ wife & children. Love fully, live purposefully.

Twitter Name: Alexandra Mumaw (mumshaw)

Twitter Bio: Rockstar marketing professional located in the Boston area. Love the outdoors, good food, good wine, and the Buckeyes.

Twitter Name: Mike Volpe (mvolpe)

Twitter Bio: VP Marketing @HubSpot + Marketing Speaker - startup, entrepreneurship, B2B, lead generation, blog, social media, SEO, analytics, VC, golf, Patriots, Red Sox

Twitter Name: Derek Phillips (digistrategist)

Twitter Bio: Content Director at Critical Mass; Digital strategist with ten years in the biz!

Twitter Name: Brian Tomey (briantomey)

Twitter Bio: Enterprise Account Executive @ExactTarget. Cutting my teeth on Social Media. Always up for traveling, good food & drinks. Avid sports fanatic (Go IRISH)!

Twitter Name: Jay Hidalgo (jayhidalgo)

Twitter Bio: President, The Annuitas Group. Helping B2B companies develop a process-based approach to lead management.

Twitter Name: Scott Randolf (calcasscott)

Twitter Bio: Social media nerd at California Casualty -(@calcasinsurance). Helping teachers, firefighters, peace officers and nurses any way I can!

Twitter Name: Zoom Info for Leads (zoominfo_leads)

Twitter Bio: ZoomInfo provides fresh, multi-sourced, business information and on Twitter we talk about sales, marketing and lead gen best practices.

Twitter Name: Kathy GreenlerSexton (kgsexton)

Twitter Bio: Internet, Information Publishing and Marketing Executive. Love anything related to family & Boston. Also happens to be a Celiac (I need to eat Gluten-Free

Twitter Name: John Matthews (johnrmatthews)

Twitter Bio: Industry Analysis + Advising Marketers, Media Buyers/Sellers, Publishers, Tech cos, + Bankers on the Digital Media Tech + Data Economy

Twitter Name: Kevin T Vine (kevintvine)

Twitter Bio: Marketing & strategy professional from Boston, MA. Sports enthusiast. 3-time Marathoner, 4-time Hood to Coast-er. Impassioned by all things digital and social

Twitter Name: Jim Meyer (etrigue)

Twitter Bio: A robust Marketing Automation solution and a very affordable stand-alone Sales Acceleration tool to improve B2B Marketing ROI, empower Sales, and drive revenue.

Twitter Name: Clound9 Analytics (cloud9analytics)

Twitter Bio: Sales Analytics Application for Front Office. Performance & Pipeline Management for Actionable Forecasts and Increased Revenue.

Twitter Name: VIA3 Corp (via3corp)

Twitter Bio: VIA3 provides you with unlimited virtual meetings with VIA3’s end-to-end FIPS 140-2 secure web conferencing tool

Twitter Name: WorkShifting (workshifting)

Twitter Bio: Sharing resources on telecommuting, online tools, travel, technology, business & virtual offices to help you shift when, where & how you work! By @CitrixOnline

Twitter Name: Eloqua (eloqua)

Twitter Bio: Eloqua pioneered the Marketing Automation industry, and today is the leader in Revenue Performance Management.

Twitter Name: Stephanie Tilton (stephanietilton)

Twitter Bio: Freelance case study, eBook, & white paper writer for tech companies. Founding member @savvy_b2b marketing blog. Interested in content marketing & social media.

Twitter Name: Angela Sanders (angelarsanders)

Twitter Bio: Revenue Marketing Guru, marketing strategist, author of Chasing Marketing blog, all around great person to know

Twitter Name: Adam Needles (abneedles)

Twitter Bio: Entrepreneurial marketing leader -- passionate about brands / marketing / technology / innovation. B2B marketing evangelist at Silverpop.

Twitter Name: Mark Delfeld (B2BThoughtLEAD)

Twitter Bio: B2B Marketing Professional with keen interest in Thought Leadership initiatives aligned with business and marketing strategy.

Twitter Name: Chris Koch (Ckochster)

Twitter Bio: Analyzing B2B marketing for ITSMA, longtime blogger, social media enthusiast

Twitter Name: Diana Huff (diannahuff)

Twitter Bio: A buff B2B marketing specialist who enjoys reading dead tree media and hangin' with my geeky teenage son.

Twitter Name: Pierre DeBois ( Zimana_)

Twitter Bio: I review web analytics/social media/keyword data & develop strategy recommendations to create the best insights and value possible.

Twitter Name: M. H. (Mac) McIntosh (B2B_Sales_Leads)

Twitter Bio: I’m a B2B lead generation and marketing consultant who will help you generate more leads and close more sales using the latest tactics, technology and media.

Twitter Name: Thor Johnson (ThorJohnson)

Twitter Bio: Marketing Automation. Realize the Promise, boost revenue with continuous lead flow. Build campaigns with strategy & tactics for results you can measure.

Twitter Name: Chuck Wahr (cjwahr)

Twitter Bio: VP/GM Band Saw Blades, Father of 2, Native American Little River Band Ottawa, Life Long Learner

Twitter Name: Megan Heuer (megheuer)

Twitter Bio: Marketing Operations Service Director at SiriusDecisions BtoB Sales and Marketing Advisors and (sometime) powerpoint portrait artist

Twitter Name: Maark (Maark)

Twitter Bio: Maark is a business-to-business strategic and digital marketing agency. Visions, market-driven insights, interactive solutions

Twitter Name: Jay Hidalgo (jayhidalgo)

Twitter Bio: CEO, The Annuitas Group, Delivering Return on Marketing and Sales

Twitter Name: Christine Sierra (christinelexa)

Twitter Bio: VP, Marketing Lexalytics. Equal parts employee, Mom, wife, daughter and friend. Solely my opinions.

Twitter Name: Temple Rosenberger ( Templer08)

Twitter Bio: A marketing director that hearts all things marketing.

Twitter Name: Brent Skinner (brentskinner)

Twitter Bio: Social media, search engine marketing and public relations intersect every day. Join me to learn more.

Twitter Name: Emiel van den Boomen (vandenboomen)

Twitter Bio: Dutch, writing about things that enrich life. Passionate traveler (own blog) with special interest in social media, Japan, design and photography.

Twitter Name: Heather McCullough (SMMbutterfly)

Twitter Bio: Creative Integrated Marketing Strategist, Freelance Designer, Wife and Mom - all the wonderful things :)

Twitter Name: Henry Bruce (hebruce)

Twitter Bio: Passionate B2B Sales & Marketing strategist focused on software industry, fishing, skiing, kayaking, Boston sports and all things Trinity

Twitter Name: Ksenia Coffman (KseniaCoffman)

Twitter Bio: Interests: wireless, physical security, smart grid, ITS & B2B marketing. Tweet for @Firetide, a high-tech wireless company. Moderator of #B2Bchat (@B2B_chat).

Twitter Name: Brett2point0 (Brett2point0)

Business Intelligence, Analytics, Social Media, Open Source, SEO. Learned every important life lesson from either Mr. Miyagi, Herb Brooks or my dad.

Twitter Name: Mike Damphousse (damphoux)

Twitter Bio: Green-Leads CEO/CMO • B2B marketing, demand gen, lead gen, sales 2.0 • SmashMouth Marketing Blog • a CMO writing for CMOs  geek

Twitter Name: Paula B Green (paulabgreen)

Twitter Name: Tim Hurley (Thurley)

Twitter Bio: Managing Director, BluePoint Venture Marketing; dad; baseball coach, social media, Red Sox, Pats fan

Twitter Name: Justin Breitfelder (jbreitfelder)

Twitter Bio: Business content marketer, mostly for financial & technology firms w/a growth agenda. B2B interactive. Global affairs. Weekend wineaux.

Twitter Name: Chad Butz (chadatbourne)

Twitter Bio: Planning Director at Bourne, a digital agency based in Glasgow, London and New York. A Canadian slowy losing all traces of his native accent.

Twitter Name: Brian Jacobson (kbjake)

Twitter Bio: Marketing professional with many interests ... technology, trends, new ideas, change, and people. My special interest is Social Media and how people use it.

Twitter Name: Stephanie Tilton (StephanieTilton)

Twitter Bio: Freelance case study, eBook, & white paper writer for tech companies. Founding member @savvy_b2b marketing blog. Interested in content marketing & social media.

Twitter Name: Sal LoSauro (slosauro)

Twitter Bio: VP of BizDev at G3 Communications ~ Publishers of Retail TouchPoints and DemandGen Report ~ Specializing in driving leads through content marketing

Twitter Name: Carlos Hidalgo (cahidalgo)

Twitter Bio: Annuitas Group - President - Lead Management Process

Twitter Name: Paul John Gibler (connecting_dots)

Twitter Bio: Marketing & Communications Strategy @connecting_dots (Co's, People,WI); @thepptchef (PowerPoint & Presentations skills); @thewebchef (ebiz & mktg)

Twitter Name: Ed Cleary (EdCleary1)

Twitter Bio: Publisher-Retail TouchPoints, Director of Content Development - Demand Creation Specialists, BusDev for DemandGen Report

Twitter Name: ProspectHill (MyProspectHill)

Twitter Name: Adam Blitzer (AdamBlitzer)

Twitter Bio: COO and co-founder of Pardot, a B2B marketing automation vendor.

Twitter Name: Courtland Smith (MktingHipster)

Twitter Bio: Full time left brained marketer and technologist. Part Time music maven and gamer.

Twitter Name: CK (CKsays)

Twitter Bio: A (clever) marketer who has lots to say...

Twitter Name: LeadForce1 (LeadForce1)

Twitter Bio: We're the world's 1st Marketing Automation 2.0 Platform. LeadForce1 identifies site visitors,finds their intent & makes live connects-in real time.

Twitter Name: Inc (Genius_com)

Twitter Bio: is the leading provider of on-demand marketing automation, lead management, and demand generation solutions)

Twitter Name: Beth Lang (aCEOangel)

Twitter Bio: President/CEO of Alexa's Angels; President Gift & Home Trade Assn.;

Twitter Name: Sara Owczarak (SaraOwczarzak)

Twitter Name: Michael Rebak (admrebak)

Twitter Bio: Account Manager @ antarctica|DIGITAL; Marketing co. in Vancouver. Demand Gen, Lead Scoring/Nurture, Automation. Hockey Fan.

Twitter Name: Jessica Hall (jessicarichelle)

Twitter Bio: Fun fearless female who loves red wine, fashion, celeb gossip, running, & social media! Also a PR professional at Horn Group in SF

Twitter Name: Rakstar (Rakstar)

Twitter Bio: technology comms @ Blanc & Otus, Northwestern alum, white water rafting adventurer, Australian shepherd owner, traveler.

Twitter Name: Gerard Design (gerarddesign)

Twitter Bio: Gerard Design is an integrated branding agency in the west suburbs of Chicago. This Twitter profile is maintained by Tony Ballinger, Director of Interactive.

Twitter Name: Diane Vautier (dvautier)

Twitter Bio: MBA Marketing Consultant, herbalist, gourd crafter, gardener, entrepreneur and green living enthusiast.

Twitter Name: Jep Castelein (jepc)

Twitter Bio: Marketing Automation Expert. Tweeting abt B2B Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Management & Demand Generation. DM me for consulting, speaking, training.

Twitter Name: Natalie Petouhoff (drnatalie)

Twitter Bio: Chief Strategist @WeberShandwick guiding companies on social media; Margaret Mead of technology; Being the change I want to see in the world!

Twitter Name: Terry Sydoryk (tsydoryk)

Twitter Bio: Technology Entrepreneur, Hockey fanatic, HD rider, Sailing

Twitter Name: Marygospe (marygospe)

Twitter Bio: Demand Gen Strategist, KickStart Alliance - marketing and sales consulting for B2B tech and clean tech companies



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