SMBs: 5 Tips To Get Started With Marketing Automation

SimonGrabowskiGetResponseWith the emergence of marketing automation software specifically designed for small businesses, the technology is finally scaling among SMBs. In fact, according to Gartner, 98% of all SMBs are looking at marketing automation for the first time. But, for these first-timers, the landscape of options and figuring out how to implement them can be overwhelming. So, it’s helpful to ask a simple question — what makes a successful marketing automation strategy?

The Evolution Of Inside Sales: How Tech And Behavioral Data Help Boost Buyer Engagement

Technology advances and shifting buyer preferences are elevating the inside sales role within B2B organizations, enabling reps to engage in contextual, relevant and timely conversations with prospects throughout the customer journey. A recent report from Forrester Research shows that an increase in demand driven by the marketing team has many B2B companies looking for tech alternatives that automate the aspects of the inside sales role that take up the most time and resources.

Study: B2B Marketers To Increase Digital Marketing Spend To Enhance Customer Journey

A majority (84%) of B2B marketers plan to increase or maintain their digital marketing spend in the coming year, according to a recent report from Salesforce analyzing the current state of B2B marketing.

Content marketing and marketing automation (66%) are the top areas where their organizations will be increasing spending, followed closely by mobile applications and location-based tracking (65%) and social media advertising/marketing (64%).

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