Industry Insights

This section highlights the latest trends and tactics gaining traction among B2B marketers, provided with key insights and commentary from reputable thought leaders.

Salesforce Unveils Einstein AI Across CRM Cloud

Salesforce has introduced Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) across its CRM cloud to help its customers improve sales, predict customer behavior, enhance customer experience and automate tasks within Salesforce’s core platforms.

Prioritize Mobilizer Customers To Win Deals

Driving B2B sales requires identifying the right customers within an organization, an age-old marketing and sales challenge. With 6.8 stakeholders involved in an average B2B purchase, according to CEB, doing that can be difficult.

Measuring Marketing Performance To Enhance Future Campaigns

When it comes to measuring marketing performance, multiple layers come into play. Some actions are deemed easy to measure, such as click-through rates on email campaigns or the number of followers on social media, but these metrics don’t dive into the impact marketing activities have on a business’ bottom line.…
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