ABM + AI = True One-To-One Marketing

PeterAccount-based marketing (ABM) has become a powerful way for B2B marketers to connect with their most valuable customers and prospects, and many companies are beginning to implement it throughout the organization. The latest buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), and the combination of AI and ABM, are intriguing to many marketing organizations as well, but the process of combining the two can be intimidating.

Virtual Reality Is Now A Marketing Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is now the new reality, and it offers B2B companies a unique opportunity to incorporate an augmented customer experience within their marketing campaigns to create high-level, motivational and instinctive messaging. This “gifographic” from Marketo is designed to dive into how virtual reality can impact B2B brands and show how it can add a more immersive experience to your marketing campaigns.

Radius Provides Free Client Access To Its Data Consortium

1radiusRadius announced it is making its B2B contact and account data consortium, The Network of Record, available to all customers of the Radius Revenue Platform, its software platform. Prior to the announcement, Radius clients were charged for data based on their needs. Now, the data is part of the full subscription package.

Radius Revenue Platform Releases Data Stewardship Solution

The Radius Revenue Platform, powered by the Network of Record, is a predictive marketing tool designed to use data to enable sales and marketing to find, engage and convert target buyers. The company’s newest launch, Data Stewardship, assesses the health of CRM and marketing automation data to collect insights that expand users’ visibility into new and existing markets, according to Radius.


The company said the Radius Revenue Platform enables buyers across the following solutions:

  • Data Stewardship, which can analyze, cleanse and append existing foundational data to ensure go-to-market teams are running campaigns with high-quality information.
  • Go-to-Market Insights, which aims to provide visibility into and explore opportunities within markets to focus marketing and sales strategies on areas with the greatest payoff.
  • Account-Based Marketing, which is designed to personalize and execute ABM campaigns powered by data science.
  • Lead Scoring,  focus on resources on the prospects most likely to convert to grow business efficiently.
  • Outbound Marketing & Prospecting, which aims to drive more higher-quality leads into your funnel to optimize conversions and results.
  • Co-Marketing, which allows users tosee the overlap across multiple instances of CRMs to drive effective co-marketing.


Target users include mid-market and enterprise companies in industries such as software, tech, financial services, media and insurance. Primary contacts include demand generation, marketing, marketing operations and sales operations leaders.


Radius supports native integrations to Salesforce and other CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, NetSuite and Infor via CSV upload.  The solution also supports native integrations to Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot and other marketing automation platforms via CSV upload.  Radius natively integrates with digital and social ad platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter, and supports integrations with data management platforms.  


Customers can customize Radius to the solutions and integrations relevant to grow their business.  Pricing is correlated to the complexity and breadth of these requirements.


Radius clients include Infusionsoft, Square, First Data, Box, Kabbage, Sam’s Club and Zenefits.


 Radius gives companies a competitive advantage by providing continuously sharper intelligence that expands visibility into new and existing markets, informing decisions for campaign planning and more accurately predicting and driving pipeline growth, lead conversion and revenue generation.


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Suite 1200
San Francisco, CA  94103
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Adobe Launches Experience Cloud, Unveils Updates To AI Framework

Adobe announced the launch of its new Experience Cloud, which will integrate with the company's Creative and Document Cloud offerings to better the customer experience. The company also unveiled updates throughout its cloud offerings, including enhancements to its AI technology via a new partnership with Microsoft, as well as new partner integrations.

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