Don’t Overlook Marketing’s Key Role In A Successful M&A

Cleary Kristina headshot jpgEvery merger or acquisition is different, but one thing is common to them all: the essential role of marketing in determining how the new entity will be portrayed and received. Get your post-merger marketing strategy right and the M&A has a better chance to achieve its full potential. Get it wrong and sales will drop, brand reputation could be damaged and employee engagement will almost certainly fall, with obvious consequences for the bottom line.

The Data Quality Crisis

Research from Radius shows that in a three-month period, 7.6% of contacts in the average CRM become unreachable, 4.2% of phone numbers have changed or disconnected, and 2.5% of emails become invalid. This infographic from Radius features some recent findings that highlight the challenges of data quality for B2B enterprises.

5 B2B Social Specialists You Should Be Following

When it comes to marketing—whether it’s B2B or B2C—social media has grown into a prominent channel for engaging prospective customers. That will only continue to increase as more and more millennial and next-generation marketing professionals start to take over seats at the buying table.

Study: Data Challenges Main Concern For Connecting Cross-Channel Measurement

1aSalesforce ReportWhile marketing leaders look to evolve their customer journeys to enhance the customer experience, new research from Salesforce shows that data continues to be a struggle for companies to meet their goals. Sixty-seven percent of marketing leaders say creating a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels is critical to the success of their entire marketing strategy. But overall, only 23% of marketers are extremely satisfied with their ability to leverage customer data to create more relevant experiences.

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