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Your Good Leads Are Dying. Here’s Why (And How To Fix It)

CV-Ebk-SHADOWIn a recent survey, 39% of B2B marketing and sales professionals said they believe a lack of alignment results in fewer converted leads and closed deals. Yet, only 10% said they have complete coordination between demand gen and sales enablement. But getting aligned isn’t always easy.

Financial Services and Social Media Success

shadow LinkedIn LI005 EBK FinancialServices Nov 2014Seven in 10 financial advisors are using social networks for business, and with good reason — it is where potential clients are spending time. In fact studies show that 75% of buyers are using social media to conduct research. While more financial service professionals are using social media, they aren’t all doing it well.

New Approach, New Roles: How Sales And Marketing Partner For Effective Social Selling

LinkedIn-New-Approach-Ebk-SHADOWStudies show that 73% of salespeople that use social selling outperform those that don’t, yet two-thirds of companies don’t have a social strategy for their sales team. So the question is, why don’t they? It takes a buy-in from sales, marketing and leadership to gear up social selling, but once they do, the returns are worth the efforts.

Honoring Buyer-Focused Content That Drives Engagement Across Channels

shadow DGR DG0017 AWD KCA Awards Feb 2015With the fourth annual Killer Content Awards (KCAs), Demand Gen Report recognizes B2B companies that have helped innovate the content marketing landscape across all channels and leveraged evolving buyer behaviors.



Effective customer conversations are crucial for standing out among the competition, and can possible make or break opportunities flowing through the pipeline. This e-book from Corporate Visions highlights an abundance of insights into how you can improve your customer conversations, including:

  • Why 80% of marketing and sales professionals deem their demand gen campaigns as insufficient;
  • How marketing and sales alignment is crucial for bridging the "conversion gap"; and
  • Which customer conversations are the most important, and how to conquer them.
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