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Monday, 23 May 2011 12:08


Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of MathMarketing, writes...

At the end of day 2 at DemandCon, B2B marketing attendees should have all the advice you need to create a truly excellent Funnel Plan. The trick will be applying what you have learnt when you return to your B2B marketing company, and you are faced with the same problems that were there when you left for the conference. Whether its resource-shortages, process faults or a lack of alignment, your team will only be as strong as the processes that underlie it. You need to be confident that these processes are in order, and that the whole team understands them. So how do you turn all the good advice from DemandCon into an actionable plan?

For starters, attending the final session ‘Turning Funnel Insights Into Action’ on day 2 of DemandCon. The express aim of this session is to “provide a summary of key takeaways as well as prescriptive action items attendees can take home and apply to their businesses immediately.” The format of the presentation will be a panel of three experts who will provide ‘real-world’ examples of how to do this.



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