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This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in the area of Revenue Performance Management. The B2B market is increasingly subscribing to the “work backwards” approach to predict revenue and better manage the pipeline.

Social Selling Tools Playing A Bigger Role In The B2B Sales Process Print E-mail
Written by Brian Anderson, Associate Editor   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 08:49

socialsellinggenericOnce a trend leveraged primarily by B2C organizations, social selling has grown into a tactic that is helping B2B marketers and sales people with their lead prospecting, nurturing and qualification efforts.

According to recent LinkedIn research, 59% of buyers would think less of a sales person, and 53% would think less of that sales person’s company, if they made a cold call. However, 87% of B2B buyers had a favorable impression of a sales person who was introduced to them through someone in their professional network.

Marketers Seek To Improve Buyer Engagement With Tighter Marketing And CRM Integration Print E-mail
Written by Kim Ann Zimmermann, Managing Editor   
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 09:36

convergence imageWith marketers being held accountable for meeting revenue goals, they need their technologies to keep up with the demand for greater visibility into the pipeline. Building strong links between marketing automation and CRM platforms offers many benefits, including improving lead quality, boosting the efficiency of the lead handoff process, and automating lead assignment.

Progressive companies are now moving beyond basic integration to take advantage of benefits such as real-time activity alerts, behavioral tracking and advanced lead nurturing that are possible when CRM and marketing automation systems converge.

Qvidian Teams Up With Alinean To Help Sales Teams Prove Value Print E-mail
Friday, 27 June 2014 09:28

qvidianalinean logoQvidian, a sales execution solutions provider, announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Alinean, a provider of interactive B2B value selling and marketing tools.

Pairing Qvidian’s sales execution solutions and Alinean’s value actualization tools, sales teams will be able to communicate efficiently with prospective buyers in order to boost win rates, improve overall quota attainment and promote revenue growth.

TIE Kinetix Unveils Sales Resource Center Print E-mail
Friday, 23 May 2014 10:14

TIE Kinetix logoTIE Kinetix, a SaaS provider of channel demand generation and sales conversion solutions, has launched The Sales Resource Center. Designed for channel partner sales representatives, The Sales Resource Center delivers customized and co-branded content to sales reps’ smartphones, tablets, desktops and company intranets in real time.

Next Step For Sales And Marketing Alignment: Content To Drive Sales Conversations Print E-mail
Written by Kim Ann Zimmermann, Managing Editor   
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 10:34

sales marketing alignment shutterstock 106052801Collaboration among the extended sales team — which includes sales, marketing, marketing ops, and sales ops — is one of the critical attributes of a world-class sales organization, according to the latest research from Miller Heiman.

“Being able to provide perspective for the buyer as to how your solution addresses their challenges is a major behavior that differentiates the world-class sales professional from the sales person,” said Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer of Miller Heiman, at the recent 2014 SAVO Sales Enablement Summit. Citing the 2014 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study, he said there is a 25% performance gap between world-class sales organizations and others.

ICON14: Tips For Personalizing Emails, Nurturing Leads Print E-mail
Written by Kim Ann Zimmermann, Managing Editor   
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 09:00

Infusionsoft ICON LogoMany B2B marketers struggle to determine how many emails they should be sending. But with Forrester Research estimating that 838 billion marketing messages were sent in 2013, businesses also are tasked to send relevant, timely and compelling emails to stand out.

“You want to take a look at how many objections you have — whether it is price, complexity of the services, or whatever it is — and as many objections as you have, you should have the same number of emails to address those concerns,” Tyler Garns, Founder of Box Out Marketing and former VP of Marketing for Infusionsoft, told an audience at ICON14.

Demand Metric Summit: Finding Common Ground For Sales Enablement Print E-mail
Written by Sal LoSauro, Senior Editor   
Monday, 21 April 2014 09:15

DemandMetric EnablementSummitJesse Hopps, Founder and CEO of Demand Metric, said one of the key challenges for companies looking to improve their sales enablement process is a lack of a common definition. The strategy is defined by its functions rather than benefits, he explained during a keynote presentation at global marketing research and advisory firm’s inaugural Sales Enablement Summit.

Demand Metric defines sales enablement as “the practices, technologies and tools that improve the performance and productivity of the sales organization” and “sales enablement drives revenue by directly impacting the sales teams’ ability to close more deals,” Hopps noted.

Using Predictive Modeling To Boost Conversions Print E-mail
Monday, 14 April 2014 13:45

MarketoSummit 2014CA Technologies’ marketing department was generating a steady flow of leads through a variety campaigns, so volume wasn’t a top concern. However, the management software and solutions firm wanted to get better at identifying which of those leads would most likely convert to sales.

To accomplish that goal, Beki Scarbrough, Senior Director of Demand Generation, told an audience at the recent 2014 Marketing Nation Summit that her team decided to look beyond the standard sales funnel. “It is important to recognize that there are leads, names and contacts completely outside of the funnel. That’s where you need to go.”

Content Is The Currency Of The Social Selling Professional Print E-mail
Written by Kim Ann Zimmermann, Managing Editor   
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 10:42

shutterstock 110678570Social selling is the new way to work for many sales people. As they tap into social networks to interact with potential and current clients and extend their personal brand, B2B marketers are beginning to navigate this new selling approach and determine the best strategy to support the efforts.

“Is is really an opportunity for marketing to empower and enable the sales force to leverage content as their currency,” said Jill Rowley. Rowley recently started her own social selling consultancy, #SocialSelling, after heading up Oracle’s social selling initiative. “What social selling is doing is creating an army of mini marketers where everyone in the company is sharing and creating content.”

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