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Utilizing Content Marketing To Drive Demand

The biggest hurdle for companies expanding their demand generation programs is building the content and processes necessary to fuel the more powerful engine. Speakers: Andrew Gaffney, Editor of DemandGen ReportJoe Pulizzi, Co-author of "Get Content Get Customers" / Founder of Junta42. When: ON-DEMAND Webinar Slide Deck:

10 Steps to Automate B2B Marketing

The following white paper covers 10 of the most important steps companies will need to master in order effectively automate their marketing. Each step represents a progression in the phased approach and includes quick checklists for nurturing, scoring and other key automation functions. Download Now.

Improving B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment

An interactive session with successful teams What are the challenges and opportunities successful B2B marketing teams have faced in tackling sales and marketing alignment? And what are their secrets to their successes? This roundtable discussion will tackle these issues, focus on marketers' direct experiences and identify techniques for finding success. Roundtable panelists will include: Adam Needles, Director of Field Marketing…

Lucky 7: Steps to a Winning Lead-Management Program

To engage prospects, move them along the pipeline and drive sales, you need to build a holistic lead-management process. Silverpop, providers of the Engage B2B solution, offers a white paper that shows you how.Download your copy from Silverpop today! Download Now.

How to Leverage Social Media Relationships with Real-Time Collaboration Tools

This eBook explores how organizations can connect and nurture relationships with prospects and customers by effectively leveraging social media and real-time collaboration tools. Discover best practices for building relationships with social media and learn how to leverage the powerful synergy between social media and Webinars. Download Now.

Leveraging the Power of Traditional Media for Maximum PR Results

If the uncertain future of traditional media outlets has left you wondering where traditional media fits in your PR strategy or if it still provides any real value, you'll want to download a copy of the Vocus whitepaper "Leveraging the Power of Traditional Media for Maximum PR Results" to learn the importance of incorporating the benefits of traditional media into…

Find Active Sales Cycles

Budgets are tight and cycles longer, but companies are still buying. Don't miss active sales cycles! Download your free copy of IDC's brief, sponsored by BAO - "Improving Sales Productivity." * Longer sales cycles * Buyers' requirements of sellers * More frequent "No-Decision" losses * Challenges in demand-generationDownload Now

Design and Deliver Epic Online Presentations

Attend this Webinar to learn: * The right way to plan a Webinar * How to stand out from the competition with stunning presentations * The trick to generating more leads by sharing your presentations online * And more...The question you need to address today is simple:Do you want to inspire people around you and thus change the world? Join…

Why Sales Throws Marketing Under the Bus

Marketing and sales alignment is critical to success, but companies struggle to bridge the gap between the two. Silverpop, providers of the Engage B2B solution (formerly Vtrenz), offers a white paper that shows you how.Download your copy from Silverpop today! Download Now.
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