The “Surprise” Solution To Getting More B2B Leads In A Digital World

1kellymxWith all the advantages technology provides these days in terms of marketing automation, efficiency, speed and data availability, there’s still no guarantee that, as a senior marketer, you’re bringing in enough B2B leads each quarter to meet your goals. In reality, for most of the marketers we talk to, utilizing technology and digital marketing tactics alone is not always enough to get across the finish line. So what’s a “surprise” solution for squeezing more performance and more B2B leads out of your digital marketing programs? An older-school technology — telemarketing.

New Research: B2B Marketers Doubling Monthly Video Efforts, Usage Across Channels

Video production continues to grow in the B2B marketing space and among business large and small. In fact, the new 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report from Vidyard revealed that video usage in sales conversations grew from 25% to 37% over the past year and the number of businesses incorporating videos into their emails and landing pages increased by 10% and 11%, respectively.

Stitching Together The B2B Account Journey: Mapping Leads To Key Accounts

Vikram A HighResIn the B2B world, there is a very real struggle with trying to match individuals (leads) to accounts. With buyers using multiple devices, privacy laws restricting what data can be collected and multiple people involved in the B2B buying decision, it can be nearly impossible for a B2B company to accurately track buyers. And what makes it even more complicated in the B2B context is the fact that you need to be able to roll up the engagement you have with different people to the company you are targeting, so that you can get a true view of how that company is engaging with your business.

Do Emojis Work In B2B?

First there was direct-mail marketing, then came video and mobile marketing – and now we’re in the era of emojis. Emoji marketing isn’t just here, it’s here to stay. If you’ve already seen some emojis popping up in your inbox or taking over social channels, prepare to see even more.

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AdRoll Launches B2B Business Unit Amid Rebrand

AdRoll has announced a corporate rebrand and unveiled a new B2B division called RollWorks in response to growing demands from B2B marketers to better align resources with sales. AdRoll Inc. will now operate as AdRoll Group and will include two separate divisions: the E-commerce Growth Platform for B2C brands and RollWorks for the B2B market. The newly rebranded AdRoll is now available nationwide.

Audience Data And Predictive Analytics Bring B2C Advantages To B2B Marketers

Travis Kaufman Feb 2016B2B marketers are often envious of their B2C counterparts getting all the cool stuff. But when the B2B crowd tries to learn a few tricks from their consumer-facing colleagues, they find that many B2C tactics are better suited to selling candy bars than copying machines. Plus, a candy bar isn’t usually a considered purchase with a long sales cycle and multiple influencers. Unless you have kids.

2 Mistakes B2B Marketers Are Making (And How To Fix Them)

Industry experts gathered in New York City recently for LeadsCon, and the B2B track touched on many areas of B2B marketing, including ABM and automation. Sessions showcased what marketers are doing right — but also explored what they may be doing wrong. Two issues stood out to me during my time there. Are you making these mistakes?

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The Four Pillars Of Inbound Marketing No One Ever Taught You

B2B companies are aware that inbound marketing is a staple in today’s B2B marketplace; however, are you maximizing inbound marketing to its full potential? This infographic from Issue Magazine Plus spotlights the four key pillars essential to inbound marketing, while also providing tips and best practices to incorporate these pillars into your marketing campaigns and start driving demand.

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