Brainshark Launches SlideShark App For iPad

Brainshark, Inc, a provider of online and mobile video presentations technology, recently announced SlideShark, an application for showing PowerPoints on the iPad. Available for free in the App Store, the new platform is designed to streamline the importing and viewing of PowerPoints via the Apple device.

As iPad sales surge — increasing 183% year-over-year during Apple’s fiscal third quarter — more companies are deploying them to support sales, marketing, training and other field operations. PowerPoint remains integral to these processes, with more than 30 million presentations created daily, according to Microsoft estimates.

Sales 2.0 Gains Steam As Data Shows Payoffs In Conversion Rates, Shorter Sales Cycles

Screen_shot_2010-07-07_at_2.00.55_PMWith research showing that companies deploying next generation sales automation tools are realizing higher lead conversion rates and shortened sales cycle times, interest in the Sales 2.0 movement continues to grow. More than 300 executives gathered in Boston last month for the latest in the series of Sales 2.0 conferences, which featured presentations from executives at, Hubspot and Brainshark among others.

Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer at, presented the opening keynote address at the Sales 2.0 East event, and shared insights into the “forensics” uses to analyze potential deployment gaps for its customers, as well as how the company is using the new Chatter collaboration platform to reduce internal email volume by up to 30%.


4 Key Benefits of Interactive Marketing: Making the Most of Web 2.0

As Sales 2.0 concepts urge marketers to get crafty and utilize cutting edge technologies to optimize prospect and customer interactions, marketers are tasked with enhancing messaging to step outside the traditional marketing box. With social and web 2.0 capabilities outpacing the conventional email message, marketers are ramping up their efforts to take advantage of these technologies.

“Media motivates; text informs,” said Jim Burns, President & CEO, Avitage. “Today, we need to go beyond making people knowledgeable. We must also motivate them to make changes and take action. This is the real communication challenge.”

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