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Glance Launches Solution For Salesforce On AppExchange 2

Glance Networks announced this week at Dreamforce that its new Glance for Salesforce solution is now available on AppExchange 2. Glance for Salesforce is designed to enable users to launch impromptu demos instantly from within Salesforce. Built using, the enterprise cloud computing platform, Glance for Salesforce is immediately available for test drive and deployment on AppExchange 2.

Demand Gen Solutions Share Spotlight With Social Apps At Dreamforce

With most physical events struggling to draw attendees, it was a bit mind-blowing to be at an event where the aisles were literally packed and you had to wade through traffic to get to your next meeting. That was the scene at last week’s Dreamforce event where more than 15,000 people “gathered in the clouds” to hear about and see the latest integrations with There was growing momentum for the marketing automation space as well, with each of the major solution providers enjoying packed booths and generating “hundreds” of leads during the three day expo.

New eTrigue SalesPro Tool Unveiled to Help Automate Prospect Engagement

Marketing automation solutions continued to bridge the gap with sales at last week’s Dreamforce, with eTrigue announcing the availability of eTrigue SalesPro. The new tool designed to offer Salesforce CRM users the ability to send unlimited emails that track the activity of individual leads on a company’s Web site. SalesPro is a sales acceleration tool designed specifically for sales teams to track an individual Web site visitor’s ongoing activity history.

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