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5 Ways To Generate Better Leads

Flynn Erich TreeHouse InteractiveBy Erich Flynn, TreeHouse Interactive

If you struggle with lead generation, you’re not alone. A recent study on Lead Management and Social Engagement, by research firm CSO Insights, found that poor data quality for both prospects and customers — and the fact that sales personnel feel they don’t receive the right tools from marketing that they need to close sales — topped the list of sales and marketing pain points in 2014.

How can companies turn these problems around and reach their top marketing objectives of capturing new accounts, optimizing cross-sell/up-sell and new product introductions, and improving renewal rates? While web design and content, data quality management, and social media were reportedly the three top areas where companies plan to increase lead generation investments over the next year, the study found that email marketing campaigns were the most effective method for engaging prospects, delivering both the highest quality and quantity of sales and marketing leads. In fact, almost 55% of leading companies surveyed discovered a surge in lead conversions when they used lead nurturing.

ICON14: Tips For Personalizing Emails, Nurturing Leads

Infusionsoft ICON LogoMany B2B marketers struggle to determine how many emails they should be sending. But with Forrester Research estimating that 838 billion marketing messages were sent in 2013, businesses also are tasked to send relevant, timely and compelling emails to stand out.

“You want to take a look at how many objections you have — whether it is price, complexity of the services, or whatever it is — and as many objections as you have, you should have the same number of emails to address those concerns,” Tyler Garns, Founder of Box Out Marketing and former VP of Marketing for Infusionsoft, told an audience at ICON14.

Webinar: Mixing “Always-On” Channels And Retargeting To Boost Lead Nurturing

webinars shutterstock 134249441Marketers are always looking to generate more leads, but many leads don’t receive sufficient nurturing to realize their full potential.

In a recent webinar, titled Always-On” Marketing: Reaching Prospects Anywhere With Display Advertising And Marketing Automation, representatives from Bizo highlighted reasons why lead nurturing is a necessity for B2B marketers and outlined techniques to boost nurture performance.

ScoutSource Joins Marketo LaunchPoint To Offer Customer Lifecycle Nurturing

Marketo ScoutServiceSource, a recurring revenue management platform and solutions provider, announced that its Scout platform is now available on the Marketo LaunchPoint app marketplace.

Scout's predictive analytics, along with Marketo’s automation capabilities, provides subscription-based businesses with the ability to create loyalty and increase customer lifetime value through user nurturing across the entire customer lifecycle.

LearnPad Sees A 26x Growth In Marketing-Qualified Lead With Act-On

Act-On-LeapadLearnPad, a provider of educational tablet solutions and digital content, experienced a 26x growth in marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) after implementing cloud-based marketing automation technology from Act-On Software.

LearnPad had already been using an email marketing solution to manage its email campaigns, but lead quality and quantity were not meeting expectations, according to company executives. They needed a more dynamic, responsive marketing engine that could scale quickly and efficiently to their marketing efforts, and could be managed by a small marketing team.

Spear Marketing Partners With Full Circle CRM To Enhance Client Services

Spear Full Circle CRM logosSpear Marketing Group, a B2B demand generation agency has partnered with Full Circle CRM to provide advanced marketing intelligence to it high-tech clients.

With the Full Circle CRM Marketing Performance Management solution, the agency will enhance the reporting and analysis capabilities of the demand generation, lead nurturing, and customer marketing programs it executes for clients.

Webinar: Content, Follow-up And Scoring Key To Converting Prospects

webinars shutterstock 134249441Lead generation remains a primary focus of B2B marketers, but many prospects fall through the cracks before they can even be qualified as a lead for the sales team. In a recent webinar titled: 3 Ways To Convert More Prospects Into Leads, speakers outlined the steps that B2B marketers need to take to properly nurture leads: relevant content, timely follow-up and effective lead scoring.

According to Craig Elias, creator of Trigger Event Selling and Chief Catalyst of SHiFT Selling, B2B marketers need to align their content with the events that trigger a purchase.

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