The Mx Group’s Kellie de Leon On Successful ABM Beyond Technology

kellie deleon rgb square 225x225With so many solution providers hopping on the ABM train, it’s important for marketers to focus on strategies beyond technology. During a Workshop at the B2B Marketing Exchange, titled: Targets, Insights, Touchpoints – 3 Ways To Operationalize ABM, Kellie de Leon will walk attendees through three key pillars of ABM success.


De Leon is the Senior Marketing Director at The Mx Group, a B2B digital and demand gen agency that helps clients attract, convert and retain customers. During her session, she will provide takeaways on identifying and prioritizing accounts, developing account-based insights to improve your ABM strategies short and long-term, and creating content and choosing channels to align with your targets.

Learn more about De Leon and her B2BMX Workshop below!

Demand Gen Report: What new realities are B2B marketers facing, and how have you noticed it impact your vertical in particular? 

Kellie de Leon: B2B marketers continue to face growing expectations to prove ROI and contribute to sales. While the confluence of more technology and data gives us more information at our fingertips than ever before, marketers are struggling to make meaningful use of their resources and investments. We’re seeing clients eagerly seeking assistance to connect the dots across the customer experience. We help partners see beyond their struggles as we apply our experience from the variety of organizations we serve to deliver results.

DGR: How does your session topic impact the above realities, and what advice would you give marketers who are just beginning to learn more about it?  

De Leon: ABM continues to gain steam for the promise of delivering higher ROI, better close rates and bigger deals. And we’ve seen an explosion of technology to help power ABM with better lead-to-account mapping, predictive analytics, real-time personalization and so much more. But the technology doesn’t guarantee instant success. If you have data issues, sketchy strategy or lack of good content, technology may only amplify those problems. So, it’s critical to have a game plan for success, regardless of how you plan to leverage technology.

DGR: What real actionable takeaways can attendees expect from your session at B2BMX?  

De Leon: In my session, attendees will receive actionable strategies and steps to operationalize ABM in their organization. We’re going to do some very helpful planning exercises together, and dig in deep on the key areas surrounding targets, insights/research and content/touchpoints. Whether they’re just getting started or looking to improve, attendees will walk through critical steps and interactive activities to lay a foundation for results. And we’ll talk specifically about how to adjust approaches to fit the scale of their ABM program. We’ll have some fun going through all this important ABM strategy work too, I promise!

DGR: What are you looking forward to the most about the event? 

De Leon: I’m looking forward to connecting with other B2B leaders and being inspired by what they share.  And I can’t lie, it will be nice to get away from the Chicago winter for a few days!