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Codice Software Configures Nurturing Program To Drive Sales-Ready Leads

This article is part of the DemandGen 10 Awards 2009. See here for more info.

Codice Software is a privately held engineering company focused on the design and development of Software Configuration Management (SCM) solutions.


The Silicon Valley and Valladolid, Spain-based company provides its customers with a high-end SCM product, implementing all the functionalities of the top configuration management suites. Codice's mission is to CM widely available to any-sized organization.

By implementing a marketing automation solution from eTrigue, the company was to build a lead nurturing which increase response rates by 160% versus the same period the prior year.

Through the implementation of a series of coordinated nurturing campaigns, the company saw a 225% increase in qualified leads, and a 50% increase in actionable sales leads.

Codice was able to re-engage with over 35% of the leads that had been deemed inactive, of which 17% were later qualified as viable and actionable leads.

Given the current pipeline analysis, Codice expects to shorten their average sales cycle by four months by implementing alternate nurturing tracks that increase the rate of engagement for those customers showing strong buying signals. These tracks provide more rapid interaction along with content geared for sales-ready prospects which have entered the “exploration solutions” phase of the buying process.