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B2B Success Stories

B2B companies are driven by results. This section analyzes the tools, metrics and strategies of successful B2B marketing teams.

Spinnaker Sees 250% Conversion Lift With Act-On Software

Many B2B marketers face challenges when it comes to lead nurturing and segmentation, expecially as their databases expand to attract more prospects and growt their market share. Supply chain services company Spinnaker Management Group chose to tackle the issue with the help of Act-On Software — leading to a 250%…

Foremost Media Boosts Customer Revenue 30% With CallidusCloud

Foremost Media, a B2B web development and search marketing agency, has seen a 30% growth in revenues from its existing customer base in the year since it first deployed CallidusCloud Marketing Automation from Callidus Software. CallidusCloud Marketing Automation has also enabled Foremost Media to reduce customer churn and discover new…

IFP Closes $500K Deal In 90 Days By Outsourcing Lead Gen

All B2B marketers want to keep the sales funnel filled with top-notch leads. But many factors — including the target industry, complexity of the sales cycle and size of the marketing and sales teams — can determine the success of a company’s lead generation efforts. As a result, many firms…
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