Foremost Media Boosts Customer Revenue 30% With CallidusCloud

Foremost MediaCallidusCloud, a B2B web development and search marketing agency, has seen a 30% growth in revenues from its existing customer base in the year since it first deployed CallidusCloud Marketing Automation from Callidus Software.

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation has also enabled Foremost Media to reduce customer churn and discover new potential customers from among its website visitors.

"We needed a marketing automation solution for customer retention, because many times we'd inadvertently fail to communicate with customers after the completion of a project until they were ready for a re-design," said Jon Ballard, Foremost Media's CEO. "Sometimes they'd move to a competitor simply because we'd lost touch with them."

Foremost selected CallidusCloud Marketing Automation to set up drip campaigns to existing customers. "We found that, not only did it keep customers engaged until their next major redesign, but the regular messages often spurred customers to call about additional work — sometimes as early as 30 or 60 days following the initial project," said Ballard.

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation also contributed directly to new customers for Foremost Media. "CallidusCloud is unique in its website visitor tracking capabilities," said Ballard. "Most visitors to our website never fill out a form, but CallidusCloud allows us to figure out who they are, what company they're with, how big the company is and what industry they're in."