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Spinnaker Sees 250% Conversion Lift With Act-On Software

Featured Spinnaker Sees 250% Conversion Lift With Act-On Software

Many B2B marketers face challenges when it comes to lead nurturing and segmentation, expecially as their databases expand to attract more prospects and growt their market share. Supply chain services company Spinnaker Management Group chose to tackle the issue with the help of Act-On Software — leading to a 250% boost in conversions and roughly $100,000 in pipeline opportunity after implementing marketing automation to their campaign initiatives.

Prior to implementing marketing automation, Spinnaker adopted a content marketing strategy in an effort to drive demand. However, the company was unable to measure campaign and content effectiveness.

“Over the years we’d acquired many names and email addresses, but we didn’t know if they were buyers, decision makers or influencers because we’d never profiled them,” said Paul Adamson, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Spinnaker.

The company chose Act-On due to the vendor’s integration with SugarCRM, which Spinnaker uses. Spinnaker is now positioned to create and execute a higher volume of campaigns, as well as strategically nurture its various buyer types across its core service categories. The company also saw an increase in open rates, as well as click-through rates.

“Within a short time, we were able to identify a marketing related project,” said Adamson. “Now, we can see that a prospect performed a Google search, visited our website, reviewed collateral in our resource library, requested more information, and inquired about their specific needs - and with each activity we see their lead score increase.”