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Case In Point

B2B companies are driven by results. This section provides real-world case studies that show how successful B2B marketing teams are planning, executing and measuring their campaigns.

ServiceNow Increased Sales-Created Pipeline By 3X

ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform designed to help companies manage digital workflows. The company’s goal was to have its field marketing managers be the last mile to ensure all teams were operating off the same data to initiate outreach at the right team and with the right messaging following…

Mindtickle Generated More Than $2.2M In Pipeline In Under 8 Weeks With Account-Based Experience

When Paige Gerber joined sales readiness platform Mindtickle as Director of Demand Generation, the company was just starting to implement a new buyer experience solution called Hushly to create personalized experiences for visitors to their content hub. But when Hushly innovated its offerings and released an Account-Based Experience functionality, Mindtickle…

Nvidia Achieves 89% Account Match Rate With People-Based Approach

Nvidia, a multinational computer and systems technology provider, wanted to build a cohesive revenue marketing and sales cycle across its entire organization. However, the company soon realized that in order to increase revenue and ROI from sales, it needed to adopt a more aligned approach in its sales workflows to…
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