Bradley Corporation Streamlines Sales Activity With Mobile App

Bradley Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories, partnered with FatStax, a custom mobile sales app developer, to create an app that would help its sales reps streamline customer meetings, save time and sell better. The company wanted to provide its sales team with important product information through their mobile devices to conduct more informed onsite sales meetings.

The Challenge

Since Bradley relies heavily on independent sales reps, it was critical for them to reduce the risk of sales reps providing customers with outdated product information. However, Bradley’s existing method of distributing information — mainly through email — wasn’t effective.

Bradley looked for a solution to keep sales reps updated on all aspects of the business in real-time through their mobile devices.

“We were looking for a solution to be able to provide our content to all of our users — both Bradley internal sales reps and independent reps — wherever they were on the devices they use,” said Steve Thielke, Marketing Specialist at Bradley Corp., in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “The big feature we wanted was to provide our sales team with access to our collateral without the need to have Wi-Fi. This way, when they make sales calls they don't need to have a milk crate in the back of their car with all the literature and look like the outdated salesman with stacks of paper walking into the meeting.”

The Solution

Bradley came across FatStax through word-of-mouth from their own sales reps. With help from FatStax, Bradley was able to create an app that gave sales reps access to all necessary content. Key features include:

  • Access to content without the need for Wi-Fi;
  • A single place to manage content; and
  • The ability to push out updates to all users without access to their devices.

It also provided another benefit: the ability to see which content pieces were used most and performed best.

“Being able to have reports that I can review to see what content sales reps are using most, from a resource standpoint, helps us make sure we are keeping the useful resources up to date and reaffirming our efforts into more video creation,” Thielke said.

The Results

Bradley deployed the program to a select group of its internal and independent sales reps and saw the following results:

  • Greater insights into sales activities through automatic updates in the CRM system;
  • Reduced time spent inputting sales activities and sending follow-up information to customers; and
  • Higher transparency into independent sales reps’ activities to gain more insight into the quality and quantity of sales leads.

“With FatStax, I can deliver follow-up information to my customers in minutes instead of days,” said Justin Chantel, Territory Sales Manager at Bradley Corp. “In just a few clicks immediately following our meeting, I can send product videos, technical data sheets, color charts and literature that reinforces their buying decision.”