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5 Steps to Measure Lead-to-Cash Performance Offered In Upcoming Webinar

While the data-driven approach has proven to be an elusive goal for many BtoB organizations, new dashboard tools allow front-line professionals to easily access data from multiple systems, adjust campaigns and tactics in real time with that data and achieve superior results.

Firms that manage by metrics report better alignment between sales and marketing, accelerated pipeline performance and deeper insights into ROI and other key performance areas. Key areas of measurement include web metrics, funnel metrics and opportunity or revenue reporting.

With investments in demand generation programs on the rise, the upcoming webinar 5 Steps to Measure Lead-to-Cash Performance will provide insights into how BtoB organizations can better analyze and track how the leads they are generating are converting to closed business.

“Dashboards are hugely underutilized,” said Suresh Vittal, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. “Only 42% of respondents said they use dashboards as a mechanism to share intelligence across their organization.” The reasons, Vittal said, are easy to understand. There might not be a culture of feedback; marketers might not have access to the right solutions to create dashboards; and data might be in disarray. Many organizations struggle figuring out what to measure because of a lack of understanding about how marketing efforts are connected to business results. Additionally, findings the right tools to make the most of data can be a daunting task.

“For BtoB sales and marketing professionals, reporting using any CRM, marketing automation system, email platform, or even Excel can be tremendously painful,” said Sam Boonin, VP of Products & Marketing, GoodData. “You’ll never get the time spent wrestling your data into shape and working with report interfaces. There are plenty of ways to justify BI and data visualization investments based on time and cost savings alone.”

But the real benefit of BI is in process improvement and better campaigns, Boonin said. “When marketers can visualize data they’re

able to decide not to re-run costly campaigns that generated no net new leads. Sales managers can focus on deals likely to close, not ones that are bound for the sales dead pool. The sooner people see their data the faster they begin to adapt and optimize business processes, marketing content, campaigns and sales practices.”

The webinar will offer more insight on how BtoB firms are winning with metrics. Attendees will learn the following key takeaways:

• The metrics that marketing can and should be tracking;

• The most relevant sales pipeline analytics;

• Uncovering the data and insights already in your CRM;

• A timeline for building impactful dashboards; and

• How to use BI tools to visualize pipeline performance.

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Wed., Aug. 10  1pm EST/10am PST

Featured Speakers:
Andrew Gaffney, Editor, DemandGen Report
Sam Boonin, VP, GoodData
David M. Raab, Principal, Raab & Associates Inc