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Subscribe Marks Customer Milestones & Record Growth recently announced several company milestones. The company said that it had grown its revenue over 80% year over year, for the quarter ending April 30, 2010. The company also announced a 98% renewal rate among customers. The company said it plans to achieve profitability this year resulting from the combined effect of high revenue growth, low customer churn and streamlining of operations.

Sam Weber, previously the VP of Customer Success and Services at, has been appointed VP of Sales and Services to run both sales and customer success to support the company’s ongoing performance objectives.

For the latest quarter, Genius posted 120+ wins for a record fifth consecutive quarter and added 50 new customers during the period. New customers include: ABC Financial Services, Hospital Housekeeping, Message Systems, Netmotion Wireless, PeopleNet Communications and Twin America.

“Genius has distinguished itself with industry-leading renewal rates and overall customer satisfaction levels achieved by unparalleled performance, usability and customer service,” said David Thompson, CEO and Co-founder.

“Our customer and business success reflects the enormous impact that Sam Weber and his team have had as we quickly move toward profitability,” Thompson said.

“The biggest question facing marketing automation customers today is which vendor can provide both great products combined with great service to deliver provable results for sales and marketing,” said Sam Weber, VP of sales and services at Genius.  “Genius has proven itself as the customer success leader which is reflected by our Number one ranking on the Salesforce Appexchange and our impressive Net Promoter scores.  Genius delivers same day deployments and ‘one week to success’ service levels on all our marketing campaigns for the quickest time to value of any marketing automation vendor.”