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SiriusDecisions Honors CA, Cognos & newScale With Integration ROI Awards

SiriusDecisions presented its Second Annual Return on Integration (ROI) awards to CA, Cognos and newScale during its recent 2008 "Growth through Integration" Summit.

The winners were selected from organizations SiriusDecisions has observed implementing winning strategies by applying innovative sales and marketing integration practices to maximize topline growth.

"During these turbulent and challenging economic times, it's more critical than ever that sales and marketing functions work together to optimize business opportunities and avoid costly mistakes that waste valuable resources," notes Richard Eldh, SiriusDecisions co-founder and conference chair. "The three companies honored at this year's Summit are, to sum it up, organizations with executive leadership dedicated to sales and marketing integration — and the growth they've realized is testimony to their hard work, talent and innovation."

The 2008 award winners each utilize a threefold strategy for sales and marketing integration, according to Eldh. That includes: the use of a consistent, multidimensional communications strategy; the leveraging of leading-edge technologies; and the achievement of a general consensus in terms of sales and marketing goals, resources and processes.
All three winners were selected for their noteworthy success in meeting the following criteria:
- Unique integration of sales and marketing processes
- Interdependent relationship between sales and marketing
- Strong alignment of goals between sales and marketing
- Advanced systems to enable alignment
- Ability to measure results effectively

The Second Annual SiriusDecisions ROI awards were presented to the following executives on behalf of the three companies:
- CA -- Don Friedman, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
- Cognos -- Drew Clarke, Vice President of Americas Marketing and Field Operations, and Lucy Gillard, Director of Global Demand Generation Programs and Advertising
- newScale -- Mark Hamilton, Vice President, Marketing, and David Satterwhite, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

"I'm proud to accept this award on behalf of all my CA colleagues," said Don Friedman. "SiriusDecisions has been an outstanding partner in our marketing efforts. This award confirms our alignment leadership position, as well as the great strides we've made to address some extremely significant challenges in recent years."

"We take great pride in the consistent, technology-enabled framework we've developed at Cognos, so we view this award as exciting validation from SiriusDecisions that the focus of our sales and marketing alignment efforts has been right on target," said Drew Clarke. Cognos colleague Lucy Gillard added: "SiriusDecisions is the premier source when it comes to evaluating the creation and management of best practices and processes in business-to-business high tech Marketing and Sales, so this really is an honor for all of us."

"Since SiriusDecisions is laser-focused on the issues I face every day, receiving this award really is meaningful — a great honor," noted Mark Hamilton of newScale. Colleague David Satterwhite concluded: "SiriusDecisions has become the gold standard for excellence in the sales and marketing function; a role Gartner fills for IT. I'm thrilled about receiving this type of award from SiriusDecisions."