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“Seed Nurturing” and The Future of Lead Nurturing

Jon_Miller_-_VP_Marketing_-_MarketoBy Jon Miller, VP Marketing, Marketo

BtoB marketing has dramatically evolved over the past few years. Early on, the primary focus was on “closing the deal,” investing dollars on mass marketing, advertising, and branding regardless of measurable ROI, and encouraging the sales team to reach out to every prospect regardless of level of interest or qualification.

Marketers Looking For Alternative Offers To Free Trials To Attract Risk Averse Buyers

In this economy, mitigating personal and corporate risk is as much a priority for BtoB buyers as it is for consumers. Although many marketers have successfully addressed risk-averse shoppers by offering free trials for the past few years, industry experts say those offers are starting to lose their appeal and suggest that marketers now need to look at alternative means of showcasing their product and demonstrating ROI without a significant time commitment from the prospective buyer.

“There’s great over-reliance on the free trial strategy, especially in the high-tech sector and specifically for hosted (SaaS) software vendors,” says Howard Sewell, President, Connect Direct, Inc. “Free trials are popular because they’re perceived to be the shortest route to a sale, but what they really do is eliminate a huge subset of potential customers at the outset—people who may well have the relevant pain or problem, but who simply don’t want to expend the time or hassle downloading, installing and evaluating the actual product.”

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