Marketers Shifting Focus To Sales Enablement To Accelerate Slow Pipelines

Fig._8_EditThe lingering effects of the Great Recession have caused a lot of slowdowns in the pipeline. Deals expected to close in the current quarter are often getting clogged and pushed out later in the year. Given this reality, many marketing organizations are investing in sales enablement tools and processes to accelerate deal flow and maximize the productivity of their sales teams.

According to IDC’s 2009 Tech Marketing Benchmarks, more than 80% of enterprises with $5 billion plus in revenue now have a sales enablement role in their organization. However, that number drops steadily as you move down the food chain to just under 80% for organizations with $1 billion $5 billion in revenue, 60% for companies between $500 million to $1 billion in revenue and less than 40% for companies with under $500 million in revenue.

iCentera Releases New SaaS Solution For Sales Channel Enablement

iCentera recently announced the general availability of iCentera for Sales Channel Enablement, the newest addition to the company's lineup of on-demand software solutions.  The new solution is built on the iCentera 7.0 sales enablement platform and is designed to help company’s achieve “sustainable improvements in direct and indirect sales channel performance.”

SiriusDecisions Summit Points To ‘Second Sea Change’ With Deeper Waterfall Focus

The Demand Creation Waterfall, introduced by SiriusDecisions a little more than five years ago, has become the common framework for many leading BtoB companies as they look to evaluate and improve their pipeline performance. At last week’s sold-out SiriusDecisions 2010 Summit, the research consultancy added a new perspective on the Waterfall, aimed at helping sales and marketing improve collaboration throughout the different stages of prospect engagement.

Demand Gen Practices Expanding Globally: SiriusDecisions, Annuitas Open European Offices

If the world is flat, as author Thomas Friedman has suggested, it should come as little surprise that the adoption of demand generation best practices and processes are spreading across the globe. Both SiriusDecisions and The Annuitas Group rang in the New Year by announcing plans to open European offices.

SiriusDecisions, a leading source for BtoB sales and marketing best practice rearch and data, will be opening an office in the London metropolitan area, in recognition of “the considerable focus and attention the international markets are giving to the need for demand creation effectiveness,” according to Rich Eldh, Managing Director and Co-Founder.

Industry Analysts Predict Increased Adoption, Sophistication For Automation In 2010

Steep budget cuts and gaps in expertise created some speed bumps for marketing automation adoption and demand generation investments in 2009. However, increased awareness and sophistication, combined with a growing trail of successful case studies are expected to make marketing automation more of a must-have investment for leading BtoB organizations in 2010, according to a poll of leading industry experts.

Lead Management Maturity: Has Your Process Come of Age?

Stephane_Dietrich_-_DG_Neolane_-_final_60wBy Stephan Dietrich, President, Neolane, Inc.

While BtoB marketers might scoff at the simplicity and brevity generally associated with BtoC sales cycles, there is a lot that can be learned from the land of instant discounts and promotions. BtoC marketers have traditionally been focused on lead acquisition, and they excel at it. Considering contrasting lead generation approaches including long campaign cycles and multiple touch points, many BtoB marketers face a skills gap compared to their BtoC counterparts as they try to leverage prospect and customer data in a similar way to accelerate conversions to the pipeline.

SiriusDecisions Honors Omniture & Cybersource With Integration Awards

SiriusDecisions recently named CyberSource and Omniture as recipients of its Third Annual Return on Integration (ROI) awards. Designed to recognize and celebrate superior sales and marketing alignment performance, the awards were presented by SiriusDecisions during its 2009 "Leaders and Lessons Learned" Summit held May 13-15 at the Fairmont Scottsdale Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

The winners were selected from organizations SiriusDecisions has observed implementing winning strategies by applying innovative sales and marketing integration practices to maximize top-line growth.

Climate Heightens Need For Nurturing To Match The New BtoB Buying Processes

Considering the current business climate, it is hard to fathom that less than 10% of marketers are capitalizing on one of their biggest opportunities to drive new business, but that is the unfortunate reality. We conducted a survey of marketing executives back in December of 2008 and found that only 8% of respondents currently had automated lead nurturing strategies and processes in place.

While it can be argued that the small percentage of organizations using lead nurturing is consistent with the low adoption rate of marketing automation systems, another stat which was even more eye-opening was that only 15% of respondents planned to deploy or expand their automated lead nurturing efforts in 2009. This represents a huge missed opportunity for BtoB organizations as lead nurturing has really become a required part of the selling process in today’s business landscape.

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