Bombora Unveils Marketo Integration For Intent-Driven Data Workflows

Bombora provides B2B intent, demographic and firmographic data to uncover business buying intent. The company’s data aims to align sales and marketing teams, enabling them to act on the knowledge of what companies are researching what products.

Recently, Bombora introduced an integration with Marketo’s Engagement Platform to surface intent-driven data directly into marketing workflows. This integration positions B2B companies to better segment prospects, create relevant content for nurture flows, augment lead or account scoring models and orchestrate integrated account-based marketing programs.  


Bombora’s Company Surge Analytics is designed to help B2B marketing and sales teams identify when their target organizations are actively researching topics relevant to their products or services. The intensity of the research compared to historical benchmarks is represented by a Surge Score from zero to 100. Using this information, marketers are equipped to drive more qualified demand, while sales teams can prioritize accounts and hold higher-quality conversations. 


Bombora’s solution is aimed at marketing and sales teams in B2B companies across all vertical markets and sizes. Advertising agencies and B2B publishers also use Bombora’s data for digital advertising, programmatic account-based marketing and content production.   


Along with the recent Marketo integration, Bombora has integrations into leading CRM and marketing automation providers, including Salesforce. Additionally, the company has an extensive partner ecosystem to activate the data across B2B marketing and sales workflows.  


Bombora’s pricing models include an annual subscription based on B2B topic tiers, CPM, vCPM or percentage of media spending for digital advertising. 


Bombora’s clients include Oracle, IBM, Lenovo, Salesforce, Cloudera, Adobe, EMC, Juniper Networks, Marketo and more.


Bombora operates the largest cooperative of premium B2B media companies for the broadest access to B2B intent, demographic and firmographic data. The data is organized through data science modeling to produce Company Surge Analytics, which help businesses identify prospects demonstrating a strong interest in their products or services. Bombora uses native integration and a robust partner ecosystem to enable easy data activation for sales and marketing use. 



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ZenIQ Partners With Bombora To Fuel ABM With Intent Data

zeniq bombora imageABM and sales orchestration platform ZenIQ has announced it has teamed up with Bombora, a provider of B2B internet data. The partnership positions users of both solutions to implementing ABM strategies and programs to act on and operationalize insights provided by intent data. This aims to help marketing and sales teams to reach the right people at the right account, at the right time.

Lenovo Boosts Display Ad, Email Engagement With Intent Data

Lenovo, a multinational technology provider, partnered with the intent data company Bombora to gain deeper insight into their data and identify prospective customers that have an interest in their products. The insight was then used to create demand generation campaigns via display advertising and email to accelerate leads through the sales funnel.

#B2BMX Q&A: Lenovo’s Michael Ballard Discusses Company’s Intent-Driven Transformation

ballard headshotWith the amount of data available to today’s B2B marketers, it’s amazing what programs can be created to engage prospective customers with the right message, via the right channel at the right time. With intent data—insights that show buyer propensity—marketers can dive even deeper to create relevant conversations that move buyers along their journey.

Michael Ballard, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing at Lenovo, has first-hand experience with intent data and will be discussing the topic in detail during a session at the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange, taking place in Scottsdale, Ariz., Feb. 20-22.

In an event preview Q&A, Ballard discusses the value intent data has brought to his organization, and where the B2B marketplace stands with finding the balance of traditional and intent-driven insights.

Demand Gen Report: Can you please share a sneak peek into what you'll be covering in your session at the B2B Marketing Exchange this year?

Michael Ballard: As marketers in 2017, we have access to more customer data than any other generation. But what do we do with it? How do we access it? What types of information do we need? I will show how Lenovo is transforming all its digital programs away from its reliance upon 1st party data lead scoring and triggering campaigns from publicly available intent data. Our initial pilots with this strategy has given us some of our most successful campaigns based on leads generated.

DGR: Your session will  focus on how Lenovo uses intent data. Why is this type of data valuable to your marketing initiatives?

MB: We need to leave our egos at the door. Our customers don't care about us until they are ready. We need to stop pushing what we "think" they want and wait for them to tell us what they care about. Marketing has always been an interrupter in people’s lives … just take a stroll down Times Square. We now have the ability to only show people information they want and when they want it. Marketing now becomes less annoying and starts to become a true partner.

DGR: Other than intent data, what else factors into identifying when buyers are in market and what they are researching?

MB: We still digest traditional lead scoring and use that as a determination point. However, we are starting to blend intent with predictive modeling for look-a-likes. But keep in mind, intent data (theoretically) covers almost all digital activities that we cannot see on our own properties … at least in B2B activities. The bigger question becomes how do we properly blend traditional lead score, with predictive scoring and with intent topic surges? Do we give more weight to one over the other? Only time and historical data will tell.

DGR: What are you most excited for at the B2B Marketing Exchange?

MB: I really enjoy connecting with other peers and getting caught up with what vendors are doing in this space. There is always a lot of great energy at the conference and gets me excited to tackle bigger challenges. The tracks are carefully thought out and provide a great variety of choices. Plus, the venue is always incredible!

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