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#COSeries Recap: Empathy, ABM & Data-Driven Digital Campaigns Become Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality

With in-person engagement on hold this spring and possibly into summer, B2B marketers continue to pivot their strategies to make up for lost leads, maintain relationships with clients and attract new business. These new challenges present an opportunity for marketers to dig deep and come up with innovative ways to engage with prospects and customers.

3 Sales Lead Management Horrors To Avoid


Until recently, sales lead management was purely a numbers game – call enough prospects and if you spread enough chips across the table, the roulette table of sales will uncover a golden opportunity.

But in today’s digital age, with so much information available at your fingertips, the game has changed. The modern sales exec is like a honeybee on a summer day — which flowers will attract what bee at that particular moment? It’s all in the timing.

Sales Leads Introduces InSight For Data-Driven Lead Analysis

InSight by Sales Leads is a customized B2B prospecting solution that can help sales teams eliminate the need for researching leads and accelerate their sales process with targeted contact data and relevant company insights.

The tool analyzes, procures and organizes data from thousands of sources to provide leads that specifically fit a company’s needs.


InSight is fully customized to analyze and procure data specifically for a company’s unique prospect profile. The solution uses proprietary technology developed by a team of experienced researchers to analyze thousands of firmographic, demographic and contextual data sources.

Data capabilities include:

  • Standard company information such as name, address, phone, industry, revenue, etc.;
  • Specific contact titles, organizational charts and job changes;
  • Trigger event–based insights such as company expansions, capital spending announcements, facility transitions, recent acquisitions and job openings; and
  • Intelligence on currently deployed technologies.


The solution is commonly used by VP- or director-level sales and marketing leadership at B2B organizations, typically with a growing inside sales team or a need to increase the size of their current marketing database. The solution serves companies in several verticals, but the most common are the technology, logistics, facility services and industrial sectors. 


Integration is not required, but the solution is able to integrate with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM.


Pricing varies depending on the target audience and availability, in addition to the depth of insights required. It ranges from $1,500 per month to $5,500 per month.

Sales Leads charges a lead research rate per hour to determine the resources needed to provide the targeted data. Contracts or service agreements are available on a three-, six-, or 12-month basis.


The solution is typically used by inside sales and marketing teams of both small and Fortune 500 B2B companies. Clients include GE Capital, McMaster-Carr, Toyota Industrial and KPMG.


InSight by SalesLeads is built to eliminate the need for sales people to research prospects. The customized solution puts the ideal contacts and valuable company insights in front of a sales rep prior to engaging with a prospect. All data is thoroughly verified prior to release.


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S. Waterview II, Suite 100
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Phone: 1-800-231-7876

Vocus Marketing Suite Integrates Email, Social, Search and Publicity


Vocus, a provider of cloud-based marketing software, announced new and enhanced features in its Marketing Suite, which now integrates email, social media, search and publicity.

The  iContact email platform, which Vocus acquired last year, is now fully integrated into the Vocus Marketing Suite. The Buying Signals module monitors social media to notify marketers when customers are ready to buy their product or service. The Business Streams feature provides marketers with a single management point to receive marketing opportunities such as sales leads, media interview requests and social media conversations.

Pass – Don't Pitch – To Improve Your Sales Pipeline

By Peter Gracey, COO and Co-Founder, AG Salesworks

I’vePeterGracey-picture been doing some call monitoring recently and it has opened my eyes to an opportunity to really help my team pass more leads that close.

We believe you can break qualification questions into two buckets. The first bucket, which we will call “The Pitch,” will get you to a passed lead and an introductory call for your sales rep but not much else.

Is Your Closed Loop Marketing Virtuous?

By: Jeanne Hopkins, Director of Marketing, HubSpot

JeanneThe sign of great marketing is not great marketing results, but great sales results. That’s why the virtuous cycle of closed loop marketing both informs, and is informed by, sales.

ZoomInfo Builds New Lists Segmentation Tool For Marketing Teams

In the midst of a dismal economic climate, marketers are struggling to find more targeted resources which can improve response rates as the quality of the sales leads they provide to their sales organizations. After building a base of more than 3,000 customers from sales teams at 20% of the Fortune 500, ZoomInfo recently launched a tool designed to provide marketers with the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns from a CAN-SPAM compliant database of 45 million people and 5 million companies.
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