Adaptive Computing Revs Up Sales Cycle With Act-On-Salesforce Integration

Adaptive Act-onAdaptive Computing, a cloud computing provider selling to Global 2000 clients, was looking for a more efficient way to get leads from its web forms and trade shows into the sales pipeline. The company had recently migrated to for its CRM software and wanted an automated way to streamline the capture and distribution of leads from its web site as well as trade shows and webinars.

Before implementing Act-On earlier this year, it took the sales team at Adaptive Computing up to three weeks to follow up with prospects who registered on the web site and downloaded the vendor’s free Open Source scheduler, due to the delay in getting the customer information into the CRM system. Now that the registration data is automatically entered into Act-On and synchronized with Salesforce, the sales team can make that contact within 24 hours.

Marketing Measurement: Lost In Translation

At a DemandCon event session earlier this month, Jon Russo, Founder and CEO of B2B Fusion Group, asked a room full of marketers how many were still using Excel spreadsheets to track their performance. About 90% of them raised their hands.

Russo said he wasn't surprised at the show of hands. But he is definitely concerned about it.

"This is risky business for a marketing organization," he said. "Executives are now accustomed to seeing metrics integrated with tools like Salesforce. When they see these reports dumped onto spreadsheets, they're going to question the validity of the data."

Marketers Shifting Focus To Sales Enablement To Accelerate Slow Pipelines

Fig._8_EditThe lingering effects of the Great Recession have caused a lot of slowdowns in the pipeline. Deals expected to close in the current quarter are often getting clogged and pushed out later in the year. Given this reality, many marketing organizations are investing in sales enablement tools and processes to accelerate deal flow and maximize the productivity of their sales teams.

According to IDC’s 2009 Tech Marketing Benchmarks, more than 80% of enterprises with $5 billion plus in revenue now have a sales enablement role in their organization. However, that number drops steadily as you move down the food chain to just under 80% for organizations with $1 billion $5 billion in revenue, 60% for companies between $500 million to $1 billion in revenue and less than 40% for companies with under $500 million in revenue.

USA Financial Increases Conversions By Adding Lead Qualification Program

USA Financial is an independent organization that wholesales annuities and life insurance, and provides independent financial advisers marketing and financial adviser tools. However, prior to this year, the marketing technologies USA Financial employed provided no insight into its marketing programs’ effectiveness or the ROI of its marketing programs, nor were they integrated with sales technologies.

Marketbright Enterprise



Marketbright provides a leading platform for on demand marketing automation and optimization.  Marketbright is both easy to use and also extremely configurable so organizations of all sizes can collaborate on, plan, and execute multichannel campaigns, nurture and score leads, and monitor and demonstrate marketing’s influence on sales pipeline.

Mining For Gold In Your Existing Accounts Uncovers Cross-Sell Opportunities

By Scott Gillum, SVP of MarketBridge; Author of the B2B Sales & Marketing Knowledge Sharing blog

The pipeline took a beating last year and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better this year.  In fact, signs are pointing to an even more challenging year.  It’s rough, no doubt, but there is one area where you might find opportunity, and its right in front of you.  Try mining your existing accounts for opportunity and you might just find a goldmine in your own back yard.

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