SMBs: 5 Tips To Get Started With Marketing Automation

SimonGrabowskiGetResponseWith the emergence of marketing automation software specifically designed for small businesses, the technology is finally scaling among SMBs. In fact, according to Gartner, 98% of all SMBs are looking at marketing automation for the first time. But, for these first-timers, the landscape of options and figuring out how to implement them can be overwhelming. So, it’s helpful to ask a simple question — what makes a successful marketing automation strategy?

Small Businesses Seek Support, Education When Choosing Marketing Technology, Survey Reveals

Research stock imageSmall business marketers are looking for help in addressing a number of pain points, including choosing the right sales and marketing tools, building automated sales and marketing processes and developing appropriate content. These are some of the findings of a research study from Infusionsoft, titled: The American Dream: What Really Motivates Small Business Owners.

“The results of the survey paint a clear picture of the sales and marketing technology challenges facing small businesses today,” said Greg Head, CMO of Infusionsoft. “The data shows small businesses need better education on how to select and use technology, and they still feel somewhat lost on finding the right solution for their specific needs. By sharing the results, the market will gain a better understanding of what small businesses want from technology.”

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