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Reed Construction Data Reduces Sales Cycles By 60% Via Streamlined Demo Process

Many BtoB organizations rely on demo tools to help convert prospects into customers by providing immediate visibility into the solution’s value proposition. Atlanta, GA-based Reed Construction Data delivers targeted and timely project information, cost data and market intelligence designed to simplify decision-making for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals throughout North America.

Rather than using a manual demo, Reed had used a homegrown demo system that gave prospects access to its production data for a short period of time. Because the access was ungated, many prospects used the system to simply access the data they need without ultimately purchasing from Reed.

Additionally, the system did not automatically track prospect demo activity, which require salespeople to manually update records in Reed’s sales force automation (SFA) system.

Earlier in 2011, Reed’s management team decided to replace the company’s homegrown demo system with a new solution that would enable its sales reps to better guide the demo process. Because the company was also upgrading its sales-force automation system to, Reed preferred an instant screen-sharing tool that would integrate seamlessly into that environment.

Reed tapped Glance Networks for Salesforce, designed to enable sales or support reps to launch screen-sharing sessions by clicking on a Glance icon that appears on any lead, account, opportunity, contact, case or campaign object within Salesforce. It then automatically tracks and stores any session activity initiated from any of these objects.  

“Reed is constantly striving to build a stronger sales force and Glance for Salesforce has transformed our sales process,” said Lisa Fiondella, Chief Customer Officer, Reed Construction Data. “Reporting in Glance for Salesforce has given our sales team unprecedented insight into sales activity, including quantifiable impact of demos on sales.”

Reed reps can now launch demos from within Salesforce by connecting participating quickly. All activity is automatically recorded, and sales managers can access reports, including the number of demos per rep, average demo length and the impact of demos on conversion rates.

Since the implementation, Reed has reduced sales cycles by 60%, improved lead conversion rates by 40% and increased the volume of demos to new leads by 66%.

According to Fiondella, Glance for Salesforce has helped the Reed sales team build Salesforce stickiness by providing reps with all the apps they needed within the interface.