Eloqua Adds New Social Media Sharing And Reporting Tools

Eloqua, announced the availability of its new Social Sharing and Reporting toolset. The product is designed to allow marketers to harness the power of the social Web by pulling online conversations into their promotions, empower prospects and followers to share marketing content with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and track inbound traffic from blogs and social networks.

Screen_shot_2009-12-15_at_12.28.57_PM"We want to make social media marketing simple for our customers," said Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua. "Our Social Sharing and Reporting tools are integrated into the same system marketers use every day, and they don't require any special training. The social Web has become a huge influence on buying decisions. With just a few clicks, our marketing clients can trigger and leverage dialogues for their company, products and services."

Eloqua's Social Sharing and Reporting tools integrate with existing outbound marketing campaigns with the goal of enhancing lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring and overall marketing effectiveness. The product is set up to allow marketers to go from “zero to social” in the following three steps:
•    Make campaigns shareable--Prospects can share marketing content and promotions with members of their social networks while marketers can embed third-party content, such as blog posts, directly into their email pushes and landing pages.

•    Track inbound traffic from social media sites/blogs--Capturing prospects' relevant social media activities gives sales personnel insight into the interests and preferences of their potential customers.

•    Measure social media impact--Marketers can track which blogs and social networks are driving the most traffic to their Web site to better inform future media-buying decisions.