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How Ceros, Dropbox & More Develop Deeper Connections With Target Audiences: #BII17 Webinar Series

Featured How Ceros, Dropbox & More Develop Deeper Connections With Target Audiences: #BII17 Webinar Series

B2B marketers today are focusing less on the quantity of leads they generate; and more on the quality. That means they must explore new ways to engage and develop deeper connections with key stakeholders as they venture through the buying journey.

Demand Gen Report’s inaugural Buyer Insights & Intelligence Series — which takes place July 24 through July 28 — is designed to support this new era of buyer engagement by providing useful tips and strategies that will help marketers have more relevant and impactful conversations with target audiences.

Attendees will also hear real-world case studies straight from companies such as Ceros, Dropbox, Veracode and Highspot to learn how to take action immediately following the series.

“Marketing teams in the B2B world are making a shift towards precision as their role continues to expand beyond the need to drive leads,” said Andrew Gaffney, Editorial Director for Demand Gen Report, in a statement. “The Buyer Insights & Intelligence Webinar Series is designed to help marketers learn how to better connect with target audiences by presenting meaningful techniques and tools to help develop connections with key decision makers.”

Read on to see a preview of the weeklong webinar series, and save your seat for one or more of the sessions.   

Treat Buyers Like People, Not Accounts

Personalization and ABM go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s crucial to engage with target accounts with tailor-made messaging. Of the companies practicing ABM today, nearly half (49%) stated that they deliver personalized/custom messages for each account, according to Demand Gen Report’s 2016 ABM Benchmark Survey Report. But in 2017 and beyond, B2B marketers must get even more granular.

These days, it’s important to target specific stakeholders within accounts on a personal level. This session featuring Emily Wingrove of Synthio and Matthew Wellschlager of Ceros will uncover tips and tricks on how to fine-tune your marketing efforts by creating tailored messages for specific segments and roles. Wellschlager will share insights into how he and the rest of the Ceros team make this concept a reality.

Monday, July 24 @ 2 PM ET (11 AM PT)

Get To Know Your Buyers With Peer Reviews

As consumers, we gravitate to customer review sections and websites such as Yelp to see what our peers are saying about products, restaurants and more. Now the same trend is taking place in the B2B world. Buyers are relying on peer reviews and word-of-mouth to guide their buying decisions.

Findings from Demand Gen Report’s 2017 B2B Buyer’s Survey revealed that 62% of B2B buyers agreed that they relied more on peer recommendations when making a purchase decision. In addition, 94% of respondents viewed reviews and references from industry peers as important.

During his session, G2 Crowd’s Mark Myers will cover the ins and outs of peer reviews and how to leverage them in your business — from empowering your brand advocates to supplementing your content marketing strategy.

Monday, July 24 @ 3 PM ET (12 PM PT)

Driving An Account-First Mindset With AI

Let’s face it: you can’t engage with target audiences without the right data. Now, with artificial intelligence, you can leverage a multitude of insights to pinpoint target accounts and have personalized conversations with them.

During this session, Christopher Noon of Dropbox will join Lattice Engines’ Nipul Chokshi to demonstrate how sales and marketing use AI and data to ensure alignment on target audiences, as well as identify key accounts and buyer profiles.” Plus, learn how Dropbox uses data to create contextualized buyer experiences.

Wednesday, July 26 at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT)

Create ABM Campaigns That Engage And Convert

There’s no point in having a list of 50 target accounts within your ABM program if they aren’t engaging with your organization. It’s time to hone in on the right accounts and develop campaigns that grab their attention.

Learn how companies like Clarabridge and Plex are using ABM to take their demand generation to the next level during this webinar session hosted by Triblio. The company’s CEO Andre Yee will discuss how to develop ABM campaigns that deliver real results.

Wednesday, July 26 at 3 PM ET (12 PM PT)

Put Accounts Into Context To Maximize Performance

So you have a target account…now what? Communication is key, and the way you develop messaging for one account should be different from the next. After all, your target accounts are not created equal.

Register for this Full Circle Insights session, featuring special guest Bryant Lau of Highspot, to learn how to proactively engage accounts. Plus, learn how to maximize account performance by conducting lead-to-account matching in Salesforce and performance reporting.  

Thursday, July 27 at 12 PM ET (9 AM PT)

Pivot From Product-Centric To Audience-Centric Marketing

Buyers don’t want to hear a sales pitch about your product, they want to learn how your services and expertise cater to their unique needs and pain points. But it’s a struggle for many B2B marketers.

During this session, Steve Voith of Content4Demand will be joined by Veracode’s Jessica Lavery to discuss the seven steps marketers must take to evolve to a buyer-driven content strategy. Lavery will share Veracode’s unique content marketing evolution and how a new approach has helped them better engage the DevOps community.

Friday, July 28 at 12 PM ET (9 AM PT)

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