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MuseWorks Moving Marketing Automation Into Mobile Platforms

Marketing automation has gone mobile. MuseWorx, a platform provider for on-demand marketing automation and brand asset management, recently launched MuseWorx Mobile.

The company claims to be the first mobile marketing operating system, enabling all stakeholders in the marketing supply chain to track creative assets, customer data, sales information and lead generation updates.“We see that marketers want to continue what their progress in automating their prospect management,” says David Fritsche, co-founder and chairman of New York- based MuseWorx. “Our operating system allows them to do that through an open system, and now it enables better efficiency by moving onto mobile platforms. “

MuseWorx launched its Marketing Operating System™, in October 2007 with an emphasis on its SaaS capabilities. It counts Boeing, Bank of America, Intel and Microsoft among its corporate clients and has a current user base of more than one million. The MOS specializes in digital asset management and through its open source model has invited dozens of new collaborations and applications, according to Fritsche. New applications for the mobile OS are in the works, some of which currently run on the IPhone.

Fritsche believes Saas, or “cloud computing” expands the possibilities of marketing automation systems by providing a single, affordable, enterprise class operating system. The SaaS capabilities make the system easy to scale, easy to access and easy to integrate new applications into.

One of the early mobile partners is agency Clique Digital. “I'm working with hundreds of brand assets and about as many other individuals involved in numerous campaigns for multiple clients and MuseWorx has given us all a common, shared ecosystem in which to share and collaborate," said Allen Breiter, President of Clique Digital. "It's paramount that I constantly contribute and manage the process and assets as our campaigns move forward."

MuseWorx management, Fritsch and co-founder Bob Wilson, both have high-tech backgrounds (including NASA) and have promised to add new “high-profile” additions to the company. Its business model is based on levels of subscriptions to the service, along with sponsorships. It is currently offering a free Q4 trial for the system.

MuseWorx also partners with key service and content providers and has established relationships with MediaPost,, and the Direct Marketing Association Affiliate Network, whose members and subscribers can use a branded MuseWorx desktop to merge partner-specific tasks and resources with MuseWorx's functionality for sharing, managing, tracking and analyzing marketing campaigns and brands assets.

Will mobile expand rapidly for marketing automation systems? Fritsch thinks it will. “A lot of companies do one piece of the marketing automation puzzle, but not many companies bring them all together,” he says. “I think that invitation to collaborate is what the industry needs.”