Rainmaker Unveils New ViewCentral To Optimize E-Learning Programs

Rainmaker Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of ecommerce solutions and telesales services, recently announced the general availability of its next generation ViewCentral 7.0 SaaS e-commerce solution for selling and managing customer e-learning programs.

Rainmaker's on-demand ViewCentral solution is designed to help companies maximize the revenue and profits from the sale of paid customer education programs. ViewCentral is designed to automate the online sales, marketing and administration of classes, allowing companies to sell more classes and e-learning courses while minimizing administrative costs.

Among the enhancements in the 7.0 release are two modules designed to help clients drive more revenue from their customer education programs. The new Subscription Management (aka Library Card) module is designed to allow companies to create packaged all-you-can-learn subscriptions.

The second key module is a real-time dashboard that compares a company's key metrics to industry averages. This enables clients to compare their training sales metrics with industry trends, helping them focus their training e-commerce efforts on activities that provide maximum ROI.

For instance, a company would be able to see if their percentage of online training is above or below industry averages. And how their class fill rates compare. The new offering is ultimately designed to help companies assess their progress from a trending standpoint.

"Driving more profits from paid customer education is a key goal for today's leading companies,” said Michael Silton, CEO, Rainmaker. “And these companies' customers expect to both buy and receive their training online. ViewCentral 7.0's new modules for education subscriptions and for industry comparison dashboards continue our industry leadership of providing unique capabilities to help companies grow their revenue online."