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INBOUND 2018: HubSpot Unveils Flywheel Framework To Better Attract, Engage & Delight Buyers

In the early days of demand generation, the traditional funnel excelled at helping businesses streamline their processes to move prospective customers from the top of the funnel to closed business. However, there has been a movement within the B2B marketplace toward breaking down the traditional sales funnel that the industry has come to adopt. You can see that in examples such as the #FlipMyFunnel movement and other analysts’ interpretations of the customer journey.

News Briefs: Lean Startup Expert Joins HubSpot Advisory Board

'Lean Startup' Expert Eric Ries Joins HubSpot Advisory Board

On Wednesday, marketing automation vendor HubSpot announced that Eric Ries has joined the company's advisory board. Ries is a key proponent of the "lean startup" methodology, which emphasizes iterative development, short product-release cycles and aggressive experimentation as part of the startup process.

Ries has also served as a venture advisor at Kleiner Perkins, is the author of The Lean Startup, and writes the Startup Lessons Learned blog.

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