The Content Countdown: Factors & Formats That Decide Whether Content Will Be A Hit On The Conversion Charts

Many of you remember cassettes, compact discs and maybe even 8-tracks when you think back to the different music formats you’ve listened to over the years. Well, just as music formats have changed with the times, so have content formats.

In one of this week’s Strategy & Planning Series sessions, our sister division Content4Demand is presenting a webcast on Content Marketing Hit-Makers: Audience-Centric Formats You Need to Add to Your Catalog.

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Top Priorities For 2018 Marketing Strategies Emerge As Leaders Address AI, ABM, Localization & Attribution

For many marketers, the Fall brings a mixed bag of analyzing and fine-tuning their current campaigns to try and close out the year as strong as possible, while also building budgets and identifying new plans and programs for when the calendar flips to 2018.

To better understand which tools and tactics leading B2B marketers are planning to prioritize for the coming year, we got a sneak peek at the content and presentations from our upcoming Strategy & Planning Series. The week-long series (Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2017), will feature 12 sessions with industry leading speakers from Heinz Marketing, Ingram Micro, The MX Group and Sage Software, who will review their top successes so far in 2017 and also share new models, tools and tactics they are planning to roll out in 2018.

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