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Humanizing Account-Based Strategies Helps B2B Brands Drive Authenticity, Engagement

As the maturity of account-based strategies within the B2B marketplace continues, practitioners are finding that a unified organization around account frameworks and goals consistently leads to more authentic relationships with current and potential customers.

This was the main topic of discussion amongst attendees and speakers at the 9th annual #FlipMyFunnel Conference in Boston. Speakers and industry thought leaders agreed that while the tech landscape enabled many practitioners, it also prevented many from offering authentic, human-like customer experiences. The adoption of account-based strategies has helped organizations begin to reassess their go-to-market strategies to increase efficiency.

ABM Workout Plan: A Crawl, Walk, Run Approach To Obtaining Buyer Data

Most marketers don’t automatically think of data and analytics when it comes to ABM. However, industry experts agree that ABM is a data and analytics challenge because you have to leverage data and analytics to understand who you’re going to target, what you’re going to say to them and how you’re going to drive action throughout the company based on the accounts that matter most to you.

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Folloze Unveils ABM Content Plays, New Campaign Capabilities

Folloze, an account-based marketing (ABM) platform, has announced the availability of ABM Content Plays, a new product which aims to help marketers drive engagement throughout the buyer journey via highly targeted, multi-touch campaigns. The company also released updates to its platform designed to give marketers more control over the scheduling, visibility and overall management of their ABM campaigns.

ABM Content Plays is designed to connect marketing and sales teams. According to Folloze, marketers can use the feature to build content plays, which can then be passed along to the sales team to better engage stakeholders within target accounts.

The product aims to help users:

  • Design and customize content play templates;
  • Generate multi-touch email campaigns from content boards;
  • Send content as yourself, someone else or from multiple senders; and
  • Control the frequency of content play delivery and exit criteria.

Updates to the platform’s ABM capabilities position users to manage how often ABM campaigns are released to the target audience, as well as whether they are sent immediately or scheduled for a later date. Campaign visibility and control has also been increased, with new features enabling marketers to:

  • Edit campaign contact lists;
  • View, edit or cancel any active content plays;
  • Approve, edit or decline a content play submitted on their behalf; and
  • Monitor the status of all content play campaigns.

“By consistently providing high-value content journeys, salespeople can leverage the platform’s power to act as trusted advisors, helping prospects overcome their business challenges,” said David Brutman, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Folloze, in a statement. “Our latest release makes it extremely easy to turn any content board into a content play and customize it ‘on the fly.’ The result is a win-win: more informed prospects who are confident in their buying decisions, and sustainable relationships with much shorter sales cycles for sellers.”

CMOs To Address Strategies To Add Personal Touch To Online Events At Webinar World

Webinars have been firmly established as a go-to tactic to drive top-of-funnel leads over the past decade. The ability to present thought leaders on hot topics to a wide audience has been a successful format for many B2B brands. However, many marketers are now realizing they need to refresh that tried-and-true model with more creative applications that can effectively engage more targeted audiences at all stages of the funnel.

InsideView Announces New ABM Features Within Target Solution

InsideView, a market intelligence platform, has announced the release of InsideView Target with ABM. The company stated that the solution is a redesigned version of InsideView Target that features new ABM workflows designed to help marketers search for or upload lists of companies and find contacts that look like their target customers.

The 4 Promises Of AI For B2B Marketers

1mikeDVIn the past year, we’ve see artificial intelligence (AI) take off. As an industry, we’ve finally reached the point where we have enough user data, the right algorithms and the data science needed to allow technology to take over—predicting outcomes in real time and based on past behaviors. In the world of digital marketing, AI’s opportunity is huge, and we’re already seeing consumer brands like Fanatics and Room & Board deliver personalized and targeted experiences with content across email communications, social media, advertising and more.

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