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Act-On Debuts New Module For Social Media Attribution

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module adds social publishing, listening and reporting capabilities to the company’s marketing automation platform. The company says the solution can provide marketers with a clearer picture of social media's overall business value, including its role in powering the larger customer experience (awareness, acquisition, retention, expansion) and its direct contribution to the bottom line.


The module enables marketers to use key social behaviors from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to score, segment and nurture buyers. It also tracks conversions of social leads and attributes revenue back to specific campaigns and channels.

Through the module, marketers also can: 

  • Create listening streams across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook within a single user interface (UI);
  • Engage from this UI with buyers across all four main social platforms;
  • Publish assets to these platforms from lead gen campaigns;
  • Generate scores by behavior for more tailored offerings;
  • Push social posts onto an “advocacy board” for internal employee advocacy; and
  • Report on campaign performance across channels and advocates.


The module is tailored to B2B social media managers at mid-size and enterprise companies looking to track engagement from clicks to conversions.


Act-On integrates with all major CRM systems, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Sugar and Microsoft Dynamics. 


The module add-on is $6,000 per year, and includes:

  • Five power users who can assign custom roles/permissions;
  • 50 social profiles and 30 advocates;
  • Integrations with marketing apps such as Bitly, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.; and
  • Social analytics across the sales funnel. 


With Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module, marketers are able to leverage social behaviors as part of their marketing automation strategy and use those social actions to score, segment and nurture leads. This module is unique for the attribution; marketers can tie revenue back to key social campaigns and channels, as well as to individual social advocates. 


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Lessons From The Most Powerful Content Marketers

B2B marketers are always looking to improve their content arsenal, and one of the best ways to identify what is working is to look at in-depth case studies of companies that are doing it right. This infographic from Salesforce provides key lessons content marketers can learn from companies such as Michelin, GoPro and Red Bull to enhance buyer engagement and boost customer experience.

Study: 86% Of Marketers Said They Will Own End-To-End Customer Experience By 2020

1marketo1To better engage with prospective buyers, marketers need a holistic view of the customer journey to provide personalized, two-way conversations, according to research conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on behalf of Marketo. The study shows that a majority (86%) of marketing executives believe they will own the complete, end-to-end customer experience by 2020.

B2B Marketers Apply B2C Tactics To Boost Personalization, Customer Experience

Today’s B2B buyers expect a more personalized and omnichannel buying experience, which has many B2B organizations leveraging some common B2C tactics to meet their expectations. Mirroring the strategies used when making consumer purchases, B2B buyers are increasingly turning to social media, peer recommendations and mobile apps to gain control of the buying process and gather insights from colleagues.

Walker’s Customer Intelligence Platform

Walker placeitWalker is a customer intelligence technology and consulting firm offering solutions designed to help B2B marketers achieve their business objectives through predictive analytics, surveys and consultation.


The company’s CX platform positions marketers to identify, address and improve customer experiences to:

  • Achieve higher growth rates;
  • Attain higher levels of customer retention;
  • Differentiate their offering; and
  • Boost employee engagement.


Walker is compatible with Salesforce.


Click here to contact Walker for a consultation request.


Walker intends to provide insight to help marketers have a better understanding of their current market position and develop more effective strategies going forward.

The solution positions users to grow a customer base that is loyal and more profitable.

Walker offers solutions aimed at increasing customer retention, improving growth rates, pinpointing key process improvements and managing strategic accounts.


Walker Headquarters
301 Pennsylvania Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46280

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