How To Build An Appealing Lead Generation Form

Ashley Walsh headshotFact: people don’t like online forms (gasp!). It’s not hard to see why: Online forms require extra work (and time) and typically stand in the way of a customer getting what he or she really wants — like a piece of content or access to software.

LeadGenius Delivers Account-Based Lead Gen Platform Using Machine Learning

LeadGenius, formerly known as MobileWorks, is a two-year-old startup with an outbound lead generation platform that helps B2B sales teams find and connect with ideal contacts and accounts. The company uses machine learning, multiple data sources, a global research team and an automated email platform. It began as a grad school project at the University of California, Berkeley.


LeadGenius helps companies:

  • Target, by identifying accurate contact information for multiple roles at target accounts or generating net new leads for an ideal customer profile;
  • Enrich CRM or marketing automation records with additional demographic and firmographic, as well as custom data points.
  • Engage with contacts using the LeadGenius automated email software to create personalized outbound email sequences to multiple decision makers at accounts; and
  • Measure and optimize outbound email and segmentation with detailed analytics.


LeadGenius is used by B2B sales and marketing teams in all industries, including managers, directors and VPs of demand generation, sales and marketing.


LeadGenius integrates with Salesforce and all major email service providers.


LeadGenius is a SaaS-based solution and supports unlimited email users. Annual contracts start at $2,000/month. Pricing scales with lead output.


LeadGenius’ customers range from rapidly-scaling B2B startups such as Weebly, Skycatch and CareerArc, to Fortune 500 businesses such as Google, eBay, and IBM.


The company says its point of differentiation from competitors is its network of more than 500 digital researchers, who find custom, high-value data points that cannot be identified by software alone. LeadGenius’ built-in email tool can identify positive replies to outbound emails and notify reps of these responses in real time.


2054 University Ave #400 
Berkeley, CA 94704

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