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Are You Leaving Money On The Trade Show Floor?

1zuantDVTrade shows are having a dramatic revival, which is great news for marketing and sales. Why this resurgence? One word: Efficiency. Consider how selling has changed over the past two decades. Before today’s high-speed digital age, sales was typically a drawn out process. An inquiry call came in, perhaps as a response to a print ad in a trade publication. A brochure was mailed with a neatly typed cover letter. Next, a sales rep would make a follow-up call to set an appointment, which may have been the first of many face-to-face meetings to finally get the order.

Survey: More Than Half Of Companies Report Lead Generation Efforts Falling Short

Research stock imageMore than half (58%) of companies find that their lead generation efforts are falling short, according to a lead generation survey conducted by Demand Metric and released by Salesfusion.

The online survey was based on more than 200 responses from small and mid-size companies. The study also highlights that the most common approaches for generating leads included email marketing (78%), tradeshow or event marketing (73%), and content marketing (67%).

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