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Act-On Launches Business Productivity App

Act-On-TransparentAct-On Software unveiled its Act-On Anywhere application, a tool designed to provide Act-On engagement data, assets and functionality directly within the user's web browser. The app is positioned to help B2B marketers increase productivity and make better business decisions.

Act-On Anywhere includes content authoring capabilities intended to give users access to the Act-On Media Library when creating calls-to-action on blogs or web pages created through web-based content management systems. In addition, the app is designed to help marketers leverage Act-On's SEO tools within a web browser, making it easier to enhance web content or web sites to maximize overall reach.

Other features include:

  • Access to content or landing pages within web-based social media apps, allowing social media campaigns to be tracked within Act-On;
  • The ability to view any past LinkedIn interactions a prospect may have had with the user's business, increasing the relevance of any future conversations;
  • The ability to access marketing engagement data about any company or contact through any browser-based CRM system; and
  • Pre-built email templates to help enhance engagement through Gmail, allowing users to accurately measure email open rates and click-through rates.

“Our strategy at Act-On is to enable our customers to take full advantage of the incredible explosion of new tools and services while still getting the benefits of an integrated marketing automation platform,” said Raghu Raghavan, CEO of Act-On Software. “Act-On Anywhere does this by augmenting those technologies with marketing automation capability from right within their browser."

Act-On Anywhere is currently available to Act-On customers in beta.