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Act-On Unveils New Partner Program, Hits 1,000-Customer Milestone

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Marketing automation vendor Act-On Software, yesterday announced a new partner program titled Act-On Partner Exchange (APEX). The APEX program is designed to bring together Act-On customers and partners. The new offering provides is a new resource for its customers from diverse vertical marketing that can help enhance their online marketing, while offering its partners access to innovative companies.

"We've already seen an exponential increase in customers working with APEX partners," said Shawn Naggiar, Chief Revenue Officer, Act-On Software. "APEX has been designed to be a simple and effective program that encourages partners to easily join the Act-On ecosystem, and for customers to find products and services to optimize their marketing investment."

Designed with input from existing Act-On partners and customers, APEX offers companies that need specialized products and expertise, and those who provide such services, to easily find each other. Partners fall into three major categories:

  • Technology Partners have a product offering that integrates with and complements the Act-On platform.
  • Agency Partners combine their expertise in marketing and creative services with the Act-On marketing automation platform.
  • Referral Partners provide specialized marketing services and refer customers.

According to Jeff L. Herrmann, Sales and Marketing VP for Fathom, an APEX Agency Partner, marketing investments must be integrated with other priorities and functions. “Working together [with Act-On’s platform], we can offer a distinct competitive advantage in marketing.”

Last week, Act-On also announced it had passed the 1,000-customer mark. Founder and CEO, Raghu Raghavan, said the milestone helps validate the company’s belief that the mainstream needed a fresh approach to marketing automation. “I am pleased that our 1,000th customer is representative of the types of companies that are now using advanced technologies effectively to market on the Internet.”