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Bizo Expands Multi-Channel Nurturing Solution

bizo imageBizo, a business audience marketing solutions provider, has expanded its Multi-Channel Nurturing solution to integrate with any marketing automation platform. The solution, which enables B2B marketers to nurture audiences through targeted display and social advertising, was introduced in October 2013 specifically for mutual Bizo and Oracle Eloqua users.

Multi-Channel Nurturing allows users to engage anonymous and known visitors with relevant ads across participating web sites, ad exchanges and Facebook. Users can also create multiple nurture paths that sequence targeted ad creative and content based on the business demographic profile and onsite behavior of web visitors.

The solution is designed to help marketers gain top-funnel awareness, mid-funnel nurture/engagement and bottom-funnel retargeting tools to boost conversions.

Other features include:

  • Lead quality and program ROI by nurturing only those prospects belonging to the most highly desired audience segments;
  • Platform-supported A/B testing to enhance ad creative, messaging and nurture paths; and
  • Out-of-the-box, full-funnel reporting.


“With the B2B buying cycle 90% over by the time a sales person is contacted, the onus lies on marketing to educate buyers throughout that entire journey — making automation absolutely critical,” said Chris Mann, VP of Product Management at Bizo. “With Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing, we’re extending the important nurturing effort to display and social advertising to give marketers the ability to run programs that are always on, and help CMOs maximize their resources and create better efficiency.”