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Brainshark For Offers Salesforce Integration

brainshark logoBrainshark, a cloud-based business presentations solutions provider, launched Brainshark for, on the Salesforce1 AppExchange. The integration with Salesforce is designed to improve sales onboarding, training and prospecting, and accelerate overall sales performance.

Brainshark integrates with through the Salesforce Chatter profile. Once logged in, sales reps can see which Brainshark video-based courses they need to take, helping to streamline and accelerate onboarding.

Features of Brainshark for include:

  • Monitoring content effectiveness when sending Brainshark presentations from Salesforce. A graph and detailed chart with viewing history data show how and when prospects are engaging with content — so reps can pinpoint when interest is hot and take action.
  • Highlighting important communications, such as necessary training lessons, for easy access and viewing.
  • Enabling authorized users to create interactive and measurable video presentations for both prospecting and training purposes.

Brainshark for is available in two forms: Brainshark Learning for sales training and onboarding needs, and Brainshark Enterprise for measuring sales training and onboarding, external prospecting and social selling functionalities.

“Our customers report that their reps are onboard 50% faster and improving productivity by 20% using our solutions,” said Andy Zimmerman, CMO of Brainshark. “Now, through our new integration, we provide users with benefits like these, right from within the Salesforce environment.”