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Bulldog Solutions Unveils Services To Help Implement And Optimize Marketing Automation

Bulldog logoBulldog Solutions has announced five new marketing technology service packages designed to help clients implement and optimize marketing data, technology and reporting infrastructure.

"Creating a solid marketing technology foundation is not just about buying a marketing automation platform (MAP), it's about making sure that there is strong lead management process integration, data quality, systems integration, metrics and reporting, and training and support," said Johnny Anderson, Bulldog’s VP of Marketing.

The new packages include:

Bulldog Activate: For marketers implementing a new MAP, the Bulldog Activate methodology delivers a set of lead management processes, a customer data quality strategy, MAP implementation and configuration, and a reporting roadmap that ensures clients get the most out of their technology investment. Bulldog Activate also enables marketing users to reduce their time-to-value by delivering customized training and ongoing marketing automation support.

Bulldog Migrate: The Bulldog Migrate package is designed to help organizations migrate to or consolidate marketing automation systems to reduce technology costs and drive efficiencies.

Bulldog Boost: According to SiriusDecisions, 85% of marketers who currently have MAPs are not getting the most out of their implementation. Bulldog developed the Bulldog Boost package to help organizations assess and update all aspects of marketing automation implementation.

Bulldog CDQ: Bulldog CDQ was developed to help users address their customer data quality challenges by targeting five key areas including data discovery, analysis, conversion, cleaning and maintenance.

Bulldog Full Circle Reporting: To address the need to integrate marketing automation with CRM, Bulldog developed the Bulldog Full Circle Reporting enterprise reporting package leveraging its partnership with Full Circle CRM. The Bulldog Full Circle Reporting package includes lead management process definition, data quality, reporting platform implementation, report and dashboard development, and ongoing support.