CenturyLink’s Kate Federhar Discusses The Challenges Of Too Much Tech

Kate Federhar HeadshotThe B2B marketing landscape is constantly inundated with new buzzwords, trends and technologies, it’s important to navigate it slowly and steadily, and not just run into every shiny new toy with open arms.

During a panel session at the B2B Marketing Exchange, titled “Marketing Ops Mastery,” Kate Cindric Federhar will speak alongside Linlin Li of Centrify, Jocelyn Kin of MOCCA/Intel and Stuart Roesel of SAP Ariba to discuss insights and best practices on optimizing operations and revenue generation teams.

Federhar is the Manager of Marketing Operations for the business division of CenturyLink, the third-largest telecommunications company in the U.S. She is a resourceful marketing leader adept at creating, implementing and managing high-profile, image-based marketing programs across various industries through the help of the right technology.

Federhar will also present a Case Study session alongside Conversica at the event. Learn more about her below.

Demand Gen Report: What new realities are B2B marketers facing, and how have you noticed it impact your vertical in particular? 

Kate Cindric Federhar: I think there are two big challenges.  The first is the overwhelming amount of tech out there. There are so many different buzz words (AI for instance) and things that people want to do. We get pressure on a daily basis to use these different things from senior leadership, and need to figure out what is best to use. We have to be able to construct clean ROI for all these pieces (the second challenge) that people want to bring into the fold.

DGR: How does your session topic impact the above realities, and what advice would you give marketers who are just beginning to learn more about it? 

Federhar: My advice would be baby steps.  We all know that there are so many things out there to do, but don’t jump into everything at once. Find one thing, be good at it, and then add to it.

DGR: What real actionable takeaways can attendees expect from your session at B2BMX? 

Federhar: We are an open book at our session, really ask us anything!

DGR: What are you looking forward to the most about the event?

Federhar: Finding a new idea for 2018! There are so many new things out there, and I want to find the next big thing to change the direction of what we are doing.