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Cision Unveils Data-Driven Measurement Solution For Earned Media

Cision announced the launch of a new solution designed to help companies measure the impact of earned media and PR efforts.

The data-driven solution, called Cision Impact, aims to help provide a holistic view of earned media investment and incorporate the same measurement techniques and tools used for paid and owned channels.

Additional features for Cision Impact include:

  • Cision Impact Reports, which can show true earned media attribution. More specifically, Impact Reports will show validated reach of the actual number of people who saw the content; engagement data on how the audience interacted with the content; audience data, such as demographic, firmographic and bizographic data; and conversion data that can provide ROI metrics.
  • Cision Intelligence Analysis, custom reporting that helps inform future targeting and campaign planning to ensure messaging resonates better.
  • Cision Audiences, which enables users to understand exactly who they’re reaching with their campaign. These Cision audiences can also extend into Paid and Owned channels for integrated messaging and targeting. 

“Consumers trust earned media more than owned media/branded sites and paid media, yet brands spend far more money on paid and owned media campaigns because they have not been able to attribute business value to earned media programs,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of Cision, in a statement. “To solve this media paradox and enable brands to take a holistic and data-driven approach to media investment across all channels, we have applied ad-tech data and measurement approaches to earned media.”