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Conductor Launches Business Insights Solution For Content, SEO Measurement

Content and SEO intelligence platform Conductor has launched Insight Stream, a solution designed to help marketers manage content and SEO strategy.

The solution provides relevant business insights leveraged from web crawling, competitive intelligence data, web analytics and SEM metrics to enable marketers to manage, optimize and measure content marketing and SEO efforts, the company said.

The platform can also provide marketers with insights from third-party tools such as Google and Adobe Analytics, Google Search Console and Deep Crawl, a site audit tool. The goal is to provide marketers with a holistic view of marketing performance, the company added.

“BI tools are still a bunch of dashboards, charts and data tables which require people to spend a lot of time to know what matters and what doesn’t,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor, in an email. “[Insight Stream] goes beyond dashboards and turns insight into simple, English written insights that [marketers] can immediately take action on.”