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Data Integration Platform Justransform Available In Oracle Cloud Marketplace

shutterstock 194361068Data integration provider Justransform announced its platform is now offered in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The solution will help Oracle customers ensure a more unified view of their data, the company said.

Justransform’s data integration platform supports multiple format and delivery methods, and includes pre-built templates for B2B standards such as EDI and commerce eXtensible Markup Language (cXML), as well as CSV files and emails.

The platform is also integrated with Oracle’s Collaboration Messaging Framework, which enables inbound or outbound B2B messaging with little or no development work. The cloud-based solution also offers native platform support for electronic data interchange (EDI) over solutions that don’t use Collaboration Messaging Framework (CMK), such as Oracle Supply Chain Management.

“Collaborating with Oracle has strengthened the way businesses plan and execute to their application integration initiatives,” said Justransform CEO and Founder Rohitashva Gaurava, in a statement. “The complexity of data integration is forever changing and our goal of providing users a secure, flexible and scalable B2B platform which can improve accuracy, time and effort required on mission critical areas of data exchange, and can provide new efficiencies to Oracle Cloud applications.”