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DemandGen Report Announces Cutting Edge Companies Added As Sponsors For Content2Conversion Conference in New York City

Innovators in the world of B2B marketing are stepping up in support of the industry’s first annual Content2Conversion Conference, as DemandGen (DGR) today announced new sponsors. The new event, which is being held Tuesday, April 24th at the Times Center in Manhattan, will be sponsored by cutting edge companies including:

  • Demandbase, a real time targeting and personalization platform for B2B marketers;
  • Eloqua, a provider of Revenue Performance Management solutions;
  • Gisteo, a provider of custom promotional video services;
  • HubSpot, a provider of inbound marketing software;
  • KnowledgeVision, an interactive online video platform;
  • Manticore Technology, a provider of SaaS marketing automation; and
  • PRNewswire, a news and information distribution services provider.

Eloqua recently launched a “How To” presentation called “From Content to Customer,” which will be highlighted during the upcoming event. “The Content2Conversion conference is focused entirely on the nexus between content and customer, which is why we are thrilled to be a sponsor,” says Joe Chernov, VP Content Marketing, Eloqua. “Content isn't only the fuel that powers social media, it's also the fuel that drives the demand generation engine. The companies that are winning in their markets are those that understand today's marketing axiom: Solve for content and you'll solve for acquisition.”

Other sponsors concur the time has come for a conference solely dedicated to highlighting strategies and tactics to utilize content marketing for engaging and accelerating prospects.

"With changes in buying behavior leading to more and more initial research being done independently of any vendor interaction, targeted and relevant content geared towards driving conversions early in the buying cycle is becoming more and more important,” notes Jason Stewart, Director of Marketing at Demandbase. “B2B marketers need to prioritize content strategy and dedicate resources to creation of content focused on each and every stage of the funnel."

DGR recently conducted a content marketing survey in conjunction with Manticore Technology, which found a deep connection between content and marketing automation. “Technology has allowed marketers to engage buyers in a digital conversation, identify their key business issues and progress them through their buying cycle,” says Jeff Erramouspe, President of Manticore Technology. “But technology without content is useless – if marketing automation is the engine, content is the fuel. The Content2Conversion Conference will teach marketers how to tune their content marketing machine for the best possible performance.”

Hosted by DemandGen Report, the B2B Content2Conversion Conference is an educational daylong event focused on empowering B2B marketers with strategies for mapping, developing and utilizing content marketing to nurture the buyer relationship and enhance conversions. The event will be held Tues. April 24 in New York City at The Times Center. Click here for more information or to register.