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Eloqua Appoints Heidi Melin As New Chief Marketing Officer

recently announced the appointment of new Chief Marketing Officer Heidi Melin, a marketing executive with experience leading some of Silicon Valley’s most respected technology brands. Melin, who has held CMO posts at Taleo, Polycom and Hyperion Solutions, will report directly to Eloqua CEO Joe Payne.

Melin has led marketing and demand generation efforts at several successful businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. She comes to Eloqua from Taleo, which was recently acquired by Oracle Corporation, where she was CMO. Prior to Taleo, she served as CMO of Polycom Inc. Before joining Polycom, Melin was CMO at Hyperion Solutions Corp. (now Oracle Hyperion), where she led a brand strategy that led to renewed recognition within the business intelligence space. Prior to Hyperion Solutions, Melin led marketing services at PeopleSoft.

“With the rise of digital marketing channels, there are now many ways to reach potential and current customers,” Melin said of the marketing automation space. “The specific challenge facing B2B marketers is how to determine the effectiveness of the marketing spend given the multi-channel environment.”

Melin told DemandGen Report that a key priority as Eloqua’s new CMO is to emphasize and elevate Eloqua’s market leadership, as well as leveraging its customer base to help tell the company’s story.

Previously an Eloqua customer, Melin noted that the marketing automation industry is a starting point for B2B companies to enhance their revenue generating initiatives. “It’s about more than automating; it’s about optimizing marketing to better understand the revenue impact,” she said. “Companies are realizing, for example, that optimizing marketing spend is a key lever which can increase revenue growth.”

 “Marketers of Heidi’s caliber are hard to find, and we’re more than excited to have her on board,” noted Eloqua CEO Joe Payne, in a company press release. “For years, she’s been both a source of inspiration and expertise at some of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area, where the pressure and need to stand out is intense. We know she’ll continue to drive the Eloqua brand forward as we work to bring our customers the best products, services and people in the market.”